a lot of people should have such experience, the reason why they will enter a shop, because the clothes are attracted to the window model. So, a shop business is good, the display window model is also very important. However, some people will pay attention to "dialogue" with these models". So, do you need a "dialogue" in the window model?

a dress shop in the window there are three models, a model for the kind of facial expressions are respected, the manager, I heard a few days have come to check, specially according to the display method in the company learned, the mannequin collocation is very beautiful, as she was waiting when praise, but got a criticism.

leadership said: "how do you do this display?"

manager asks: "do according to the requirement of the company, how? Where to do well? You say, I’ll change."

leader said: "you do not see it?"

manager said: "I feel okay."

leader said: "okay? You look at these two models, with the same quarrel, who ignore who."



leader added: "do you have a conversation between the model and the model?"


manager to speak.

leadership, said: "what do you still Leng, quickly changed ah."

Manager: "Oh, now change."


manager and the two model position on it, so on, the manager and the two model clothes on it, because the leg two models vary greatly, always feel strange, not look comfortable before.

After that, the

leadership saw said: "about to speak, but saying nothing, so, the dialogue on the line."

After the

leader left, a clerk said: "these two models are a dialogue, but the other model is like a stepmother born, no one to the."

manager asked: "the model must dialogue?"

in fact, we can boldly estimate, the leader must have seen a display had a very beautiful window, then the window between the display, ready to pay attention to what? Then Chen Lieshi told him how many details, including a point between models and models to dialogue. So he >

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