open clothing store, mainly to find sources, to find high-quality, low-cost sources, in order to protect profits. Many friends are asking, can not find a good clothing store how to do? How to find clothing supply? Xiao Bian think, first of all to do, that is to find the store location, and then go to the supply, it will quickly find a good supply.

1.  clothing brand store. This is relatively simple, you choose a certain brand, just need to buy a certain brand manufacturers or general agent there, select goods on it.

2.  multi brand clothing business, or do they, it would be a bit of thought. If you are more than the provincial capital of the city to open a shop, the store is relatively large, the decoration is also a certain degree of grade, it is necessary to personally into the source. Generally in the country’s major clothing production or distribution center to purchase. Common is Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Fujian, Wenzhou and other places (specifically do not write, the forum and the network has a lot of introduction, we can refer to). In these places can generally get a home to open a clothing store goods, but also can learn about how others shop decoration, how to layout, shop location, price, etc.. In order to facilitate your shop as a reference. If you are in the middle of the city, or a small city (town) shop, you do not have to go to those places, because you do not have a small amount of stock, but also into the more frequent, to a high cost. (recommended at the beginning of the season to go, the main purpose is to understand the trend) can be purchased in the provinces of the large wholesale market, the price is not much higher than you go a far cheaper. It’s good for your store to have a good relationship with local wholesalers. For example, you can adjust the goods, replacement or return, enjoy a lot of favorable conditions (remember: money is the fundamental business to do, afraid of other people to make money, you can not make money!) Others are wholesalers, grasp of the trend, to avoid risks, funds, vision than you, by the wisdom of others is one of the best ways.

3.  how many clothes fit? In general, there should be used funds, one is the purchase of funds, the two replenishment of funds, but also to prepare a little balance, in case of partial cargo down how to do? Don’t put eggs in one basket! For small retail stores, a color, a code into one or two pieces (sets) can be.

4.  multi color multi code how to do? A lot of clothing goods have a lot of color, not all the purchase! There are generally two to the color is enough (according to the prevailing trend and the appreciation of the local level) to be sure of the size, more than doubled in the middle, two less. Pants for a class of products, some wholesalers to FCL into the minimum requirements, the size of the grasp is especially important, can be discussed, and the number of businesses unchanged, but to choose their own code.

5.  one industry based, taking into account other. Is to do a lot of brand-name stores operating method. Joint products should not be ignored, and sometimes can receive unexpected good results. I used to do leisure recommend

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