in the face of the current examination oriented education, the entrance examination and college entrance examination to become the two hurdle in life, this year’s college entrance examination has passed, and we say that the following test. At present, the Fujian province for the previous test phenomenon, a clear order to ban the students and other students in the name of the entrance before the entrance examination.

every year on June, in the province is around the time of the test in the middle of the year of the. Yesterday, the Fujian Provincial Department of Education issued in 2016 high school enrollment notice, banned any ordinary high school to walk students and other names in the exam before admission.

at present, the province has autonomous enrollment, sports, music, art specialty students and other admissions, but these are required to be approved by the district administrative department of education. Unauthorized enrollment behavior is prohibited, because this behavior will interfere with the normal teaching order of junior high school.

at the same time, the public high schools may use any name held "entrance repeat classes", or to "zejiaosheng", "School of life" and "girls", "in", "commoner" names to recruit students. This year the province’s forbidden to engage in regional and inter school students blockade and local protection in the admissions process, no intervention or junior high school teachers instead of students completing the volunteer, no public high school in the name of the private school enrollment, thorough investigation of the senior high school entrance examination immigration "behavior.

The reform of

education industry is very important, some "unripe" phenomenon occurred in the past, directly affects the normal teaching order of junior high school education, so we need to constantly improve, to ensure that education is not affected.

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