with two-child policy open, baby market bursting with popularity, many entrepreneurs have opened the children’s Museum of life, but the results are not ideal. Domestic infant market is not yet mature, the reasons for unsuccessful business to share in order to promote the development of the industry.


began to appear in the industry of Hangzhou before and after 2006, beginning not to be worried about the health and safety of infant parents to accept, and other issues of public space. However, with the gradual cultivation of the market, as well as the ability to accept new things stronger after 80 become the main body of infants and young children, infants and children living museum gradually flourished. Mothers have found that it can provide a more comfortable bathing environment and a more sanitary environment for children.

1. industry lack of specification. Baby service in recent years, the rise, because of the lack of industry norms, lower barriers to entry, the formation of many brands do not regulate the community shop. But the industry is also related to the health and safety of children, you can see a lot of complaints on the Internet, based on a child who has been bathed in the service store was burned news reports.

2. employee mobility is the industry’s most common pain points. Personnel retention rate is low, many of the staff in the store are temporary workers, hourly workers. This is one of the main reasons for the uneven quality of service industry, but also led to difficulties in the expansion of franchise brands.

is mainly caused by the following reasons: do not adapt to the working environment, service personnel need to conform to the hygiene standards and wear in hot and humid environment for a long time; but low wages, low technology content and low price competition, resulting in personnel within the industry generally low wages; employees lack of promotion channels, no occupation development clear plan.

3. product homogeneity, single profit model. Although many brands on the surface through the expansion of service projects to make a difference, but in essence the expansion of service projects and can not produce benefits. The core services are still homogenization serious, that is to go to the various brands of the store feel the service content and quality of service has little difference, which also led to the service price is not recommended

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