for a lot of fake divorce in order to buy a house husband and wife, Beijing out of the policy, a clear position. The business management department, the people’s Bank of China Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission Beijing Bureau, Beijing city housing and urban and Rural Construction Committee, Beijing housing provident fund management center jointly issued the notice on strengthening the risk management of Beijing area housing credit business, for divorce within a year when the lender differentiated housing credit policy, strict control of credit risk.

notice, the strict implementation of the real estate credit control measures, the commercial banks must resolutely implement the central government on "the house was used to live, not to the general requirements of" speculation, continue to strictly control the increment of individual housing loans, real estate credit policy strictly implement differentiated.

with the Beijing real estate regulation and control, to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market in Beijing. Beijing Banking Bureau, the people’s Bank of business management department timely in conjunction with the relevant departments within the jurisdiction of the commercial bank real estate credit regulation policy implementation to carry out regular inspection and occasional spot checks, the existence of illegal behavior mechanism for serious accountability.

notice of proposed to divorce within a year, the lender to implement differentiated housing credit policy, and strictly control the credit risk, according to the relevant authorities, recently, enjoy the first set of housing loan policy by means of a divorce case increased home buyers.

this not only affects the effect of regulation and control policy, but also prone to property disputes, repayment ability decline and other issues, increase the risk of commercial bank housing credit. Therefore, for a period of one year after the purchase of mortgage applicants, the commercial banks should refer to the implementation of the two suites credit policy; apply for housing provident fund loans, according to the two sets of housing provident fund loan policy implementation.

in most of the time, if you use fake divorce to defraud the purchase discount is shameful, the relevant departments in Beijing city for adult, no employment, no fixed income and repayment of funds from other common repayment borrowers, commercial banks should further strict conditions of housing loans, in principle, can refer to the implementation of the two suite of credit policy.

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