has a family doctor, you can bring home to the elderly and children of the family to bring the convenience of medical treatment, if the family members of the disease, you can bring more security. In March 27th, the Chongqing State District family physician launch ceremony. More than and 100 local people on the scene with the family doctor team signed.

it is reported that the family doctor is taking family as the core, with a family doctor team for support, prompted by way of contract conditions of the general practitioners, to establish a long-term and stable relationship with the service contract signing family, active, continuous and comprehensive health services for residents.

The current

, the family doctor service team can provide free to sign people establish health records, health education, 0-6 years old children health care, maternal health, vaccination, 60 years of age or older health management in patients with hypertension, health management services.

family doctors began to walk into the tens of thousands of people to bring better services to the people of Chongqing, while giving doctors a chance to improve their level, it is to kill two birds with one stone. Focus on the signing of the service rate of more than 60% of the target task, but also in 2017 to achieve the region’s rural poor family doctors signing services, health archives filing coverage of the target.

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