we always like to bargain when shopping, which has become the norm in the shopping market, it seems not bargain transactions are not comfortable, and this is for many shopkeepers naturally caused distress. In short, the shop to do business, the situation is difficult to encounter customer bargaining. To bargain in the process of their own not hurt, and not hurt the customer, so as to retain customers, which can be learned on the big. In the daily retail business, I summed up a number of customers to bargain for the winning recipe, and colleagues to share.

pour bitter water method

To store goods Limaimou

customers, usually before the price asked to prepare for payment, often bargain. They will say: "boss, can be cheaper?" At this time, must not relent: "how much money you have!" If a let go, even if the transaction is successful, the next time he may be more insatiable, and you cut out.

at this time, your best bet is to pour out grievances: the business is difficult to do now, the rent is expensive, low profits…… Grievances poured out a basket, and a war of words, time and customer. By this time, customers listen to you so miserable, generally also embarrassed to bargain. As a result, the customer to see your insistence, think bargain hopeless; secondly, customers are not willing to block 80 Fen of the profits, spending their time.


advantage is not blatantly trick, petty means or customer of brains of wits. Store all the goods shelves are blatantly, the purchase price of goods, operating costs will be much, how much is the profits, then make a most reasonable and most easily accepted by the customers of the sales price, the commodity price tag out openly posted on the goods shelves, no bargain. The benefits of doing so is no longer with the customer, mind trick, dou debte, merchants and customers both in an equal, voluntary, even bargain position, the two sides are completely Zhou Yu hit Gai – a wish to make a wish to suffer.

and businesses do, can give customers a very honest, old feeling, because you do not bargain, the prices of goods which do not have the "water", should be the bargain, is bound to be a. Blatantly implement, it will be hard at first, it may affect the supermarket business, but if you can hold on for a long time, the store’s reputation and reputation will become better and better, is of great benefit to the long-term interests of the store.

customer bargaining is a norm, we can not stop, after all, has become a phenomenon of the existence of the commercial market, but we can use our own way to prevent customers bargaining. So, if you are a businessman, you meet a customer

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