any one of the shopkeepers, in fact, hope that business opportunities can be everywhere, so you can contribute to a Bibi deal, after all, only to grasp the opportunity to do business. Seize business opportunities, which sounds a little difficult, but as long as we learn from the daily operation of the moment to find clues, there may be unexpected harvest. I’ve had this kind of experience.

that was a winter three years ago, because the weather is very cold, the store basically no customers. More than 10 o’clock in the morning, in the vicinity of a small field to buy vegetables together into the store and their helpers. They picked up some paper towels, towels and other daily necessities, and later his wife reminded her husband to take a cigarette to the old man.

I laughed and said: "young man, so sensible daughter-in-law is also difficult to find a lantern, ah, you really happy!" "Boss, you don’t know, they’re a famous couple in our neighborhood!" I am a compliment to help open your mouth, enumerate two people deeply attached to each other. The couple smiled shyly at the side.

I saw a bow, female customers wearing a pair of old shoes, the surface have been broken. Think of journeyman said "deeply attached to each other" four words and the Internet to see before, I suddenly had an idea.

"yes, the two know what day is today?" I naturally extend the topic.

"what day?" The female customer asked with a smile.

"today is January 4, 2013, homophonic is’ love your whole life ‘, a romantic day!" I explained, "a popular word on the Internet: don’t forget to give a gift to someone you love!"

"such a meaningful day, send gifts, must be!" The young man said. "But what to buy?" Good intentions, but the young man could not think of the time to buy a gift for his wife. "On such a cold day, her shoes are old, I have just shop selling shoes, do you think we should pick a pair?" See him so tangled, I suggest.

young man agreed, I took them to the shoe, pointing to a woman’s cotton boots said: "this is just added new style, beautiful and elegant, warm and good. Put on it, not only can resist the winter cold, more important is full of her husband’s love! As for the price well, simply 10 percent off, $405. Since we have such a fate, not a fraction of the same, an integer, how?"

"well, boss, we’re gonna need this pair!" See his wife dressed, the young man paid directly.

look, is it easy to make a deal? Do not need >

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