today’s urban residents are divided into a community, so the number of community shops will be more up. However, the community store, although there is a certain amount of customers, but because the competition is very intense, if you want to open a good shop, naturally also need to grasp some key factors. In this paper, the small series to the vast number of consumers to emphasize that it is convenient move, which is the key to open a good community shop oh.

community retail stores can survive, mainly rely on a good neighborhood, rely on the human touch. Why? Because the majority of neighborhood will have a large supermarkets, shopping malls, retail customers to the customer if the community assumed a superior attitude, customers often prefer to go a few steps, to the nearest store to buy something in you. Consumer groups are basically community community residents, relatively fixed source. Once the loss of a customer, it will be less revenue. Therefore, with a number of convenience initiatives, close relationship with the residents of the community is very important.

take it for myself, I have the habit of listening to the radio every day, especially the weather forecast. On the one hand is because many store goods are placed outside the shop, suddenly encountered rain, if not timely receipt of the goods, will suffer losses; on the other hand is taken into account, most area residents are commuters, some work before the bedding stuff to get outdoors to dry, if the weather during the next catastrophe rain, dry goods will suffer.

"quote the weather forecast every day, it’s a good thing for everyone." With this idea, I will find a small blackboard, every day to write the weather on the small blackboard, such a stick is ten years. Community residents come and go, a lot of people will often come to my shop to chat a few, by the way look at the weather forecast, sometimes buy something back.

in addition to the weather forecast of the small blackboard, I also have a pump shop. Usually, the pump hanging on the wall outside the shop, the district residents can always come here to inflate tires. Maybe some people disagree: this thing who did not ah. This can be wrong, tire gas shortage is often out of the door to find the bike, in order to get the pump upstairs and downstairs to run very inconvenient, and to my shop on a few steps, the map is not a convenient.

do not look at these are small things, and the feelings of community residents is so little by little. Community retail store merchandise are similar, not fuel and town is the odds and ends of sewing, innumerable community stores. In this case, it is necessary to take the convenience of the way, by winning the impression of residents to occupy a place.

why some of the community store business can be prosperous, because it is more convenient compared with the big supermarket, which is more popular with consumers. Neighbors to take care of students

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