although it is said that a store is able to retain the guests, is associated with a number of factors. However, the details of the operation of the store actually has a very big relationship. Often heard people say that the details determine success or failure, the details of the business services are particularly important. In fact, if a shop can do the details, it is often easier to retain customers oh.

in the fierce competition in the market economy era, giving consumers more choice, the same goods than quality, the same quality than price, the same price than service, the quality of service has become an important factor in whether to make a deal. Recently, I feel a different service as a customer, but also deeply understand the details of the service is directly related to the success or failure of the business.

the son of some cough, according to experience, hurry to buy pears, sugar, Chuanbei powder. The nearest two pharmacies, the new cover of the dressing room, opened half a year or so, a chain store "100041 pharmacy", a private shop "Shuijing Zhuang pharmacy", about the size of the store.

first 100041 pharmacy, dinner time, not many customers, two sales a cashier at the station to sit, in talking. The shop asked to: "there is no Chuanbei powder?" "There is no powdered particles only fritillary." Explained in detail. "Can you help me to grind it into powder?" Keep asking. Research can not answer concise and clear. When you can’t grind the powder into a pear, you’ll be in trouble.

before the purchase is in the North Chuanbei powder large pharmacy, away from some far away, thinking of the nearest has failed, or next to the drugstore to ask hydroscope. There is only one salesperson in the store, eating. I see into the store, immediately got up to greet, ask demand. I repeated the same question, she said there is no ready-made fritillary bulb powder, said end weight after it is grinded into powder immediately. One can grind into powder, then to 50 grams.

assistant side edge the sitting chair of weighing for a while, said it could take a while, by machine grinding easily and before research of Chinese herbal medicine odor, she made by grinding tool by hand, so the speed is slower. Happy for her meticulous service. She is very talkative, and so on in the process of constantly talking to me, asked me if I need to bring some other auxiliary drugs. In her enthusiasm, I also brought back some anti-inflammatory drugs, cold medicine reserve.

so that the two sections of the store service to make you see the difference? This will be your shop operators have inspired it? The same two pharmacies parity with the price of goods, service to customers is different due to different impression, then I would presumably need to bypass the "Tianji" to "hydroscope". A detailed service to the author in mind, will become a loyal customer. Good service attitude to retain customers, to achieve a profit transaction.

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