There are many forms of

entrepreneurship, partnership entrepreneurship in the current has been sought after by many investors, but the need to choose such a way, naturally also need entrepreneurs to consider. When all the entrepreneurs are together, you may come across these embarrassing words: "I want to be with you to create a career," then is falsely added, "no matter what the opportunity in your company may need a good sales staff (Training Manager, file manager, the dentist and so on)?"

this time often you can easily deal with, for example, smiled and said to him, I’m afraid now, the quota is , but if you are serious, please send your resume to us, so we need a dentist in the future, to contact you.

One of the more difficult situations for

, however, is that one of your friends wants to join the business you are creating or operating. As your friend, he listened to your business plans and ideas, and when you decide your product name was cheering for you. You do get the help and encouragement of your friends, and your friends see the hope of their partnership with you.

you are often hard to refuse. It is possible that when you are aware of this situation, your friend may have planned to provide you with an entrepreneurial studio in his basement or leisure room and tell others that it will be a new business with you. It’s hard to find a way to start a business with a friend, but when you’re ready to make a friend your partner, always consider the following factors.

a, thoughtful

maybe your friend is a good partner. But you still have to ask yourself the following questions: first, do you have a good communication channel between different views and opinions? Second, you and your partner will work together for a long time, you will feel bored? Third, your friend is willing to perform his duties? Fourth, whether your friend has the ideal business partner: responsible, reliable, diligent, kind, and rich enough?

two, ensure fair

Will all the constructive ideas and plans in

come from you and your partner? Also, consider whether all your credit relationships are equal. If your friend played a role as a partner rather than a mere friend at the beginning, I guess you found a good partner.

three, the appellation between you

did you ever say "I" or "we"? Well, if that’s easier, then ">

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