Taiwan delicacy join the project choice, is sent to join the project with the cuckoo chicken popularity, loved by consumers. Join the cuckoo chicken pie? An open their own stores sent cuckoo chicken, market advantage, entrepreneurs need not worry!

sent cuckoo chicken? Were sent to "old law philosophy" and "unique recipe", bring "multi-level taste", to conquer the people of Taiwan, but has not been out of the island. In 2009, accidental opportunity, a friend, Mr. Su Pengyu, after tasting delicious chicken were sent after the word, that in chicken, there has never been so authentic and delicious. Under the recommendation of a friend, Mr. Su was determined to bring the real taste of Taiwan to the mainland.

2011 years, COO came to the mainland, the first stop in Beijing, once launched, that set off a scramble for customers to compete in the queue, the taste of our recognition and love. The cuckoo is creating a brand new legend.

sent cuckoo cuckoo chicken? Pie is a trendy Taiwan brand shop, the "chicken" and "fried chicken" from Taiwan, popular in Taiwan for decades, as long as the taste of the cuckoo sent the tastes of the people, will deeply love the taste.


sent the finest selection of meat, fresh meat and delicate, processing quality and amount of the standard procedures and mechanization intelligent operation, standardized strictly, to ensure that customers can enjoy the standardization of Taiwan cuckoo pie in the world, and can protect the customer’s food safety.

after the Taiwan team old law, plus the secret recipe for modulation, unable to imitate, rich sense of the nature of people to experience multiple delicious, lead a person to endless aftertastes.

sent cuckoo chicken pie? COO of the products is very rich, in addition to the main shop in Taiwan fried chicken, fried chicken and other popular products, such as desktop, there are a variety of Fried white radish Patty squid, cuttlefish, etc. Taiwan snacks and drinks up to more than 30, attractive character and way of life in different ages, people demand.

coo background will be in accordance with the status of each franchisee for each franchisee to provide follow-up support to help franchisees improve performance.

coo offers a number of flat number store solutions to choose from, suitable for various types of investors in different regions to do different investments.

small business of course, choose to protect the brand to join the project. Join the cuckoo chicken pie? Is very strong, with a good choice for business. Join the cuckoo chicken pie? Good project, strong brand strength!

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