for food chain to join the project entrepreneurs, choose a good brand is very important to join. A good brand can provide you with strong operational support, but also for you to have a certain market competitiveness. If you want to join the porridge shop catering projects, Xiao Bian here for you to recommend Sambo porridge shop. This is a subsidiary of the group under the food and beverage brand.

Sambo catering group was founded in 1992, has been twenty-four years of development history, is a collection of food culture research, nutrition and food development, food and beverage as one of the modern catering chain enterprises. At present, a total of 9 stores, more than 1000 employees. Sambo adhering to the "science, health, integrity, fast" business philosophy, adhere to the banner of nutrition, fight brand war, take the chain road, do quality food, the guiding ideology. A new operating mode, the western dining concept into the local food culture, play a "healthy and fast" advantage, to form the "scientific, integrity" as the core value of the brand, success and steady development of food chain.

Sambo porridge shop to join its products have long been a quality brand, is a rich and valuable assets, can bring huge economic benefits. Super low fee and personalized small investment model, and provide the corresponding store design, so that investors get personalized customized catering portfolio.

Sambo porridge shop franchise headquarters is the long-term support of the franchise, investors are constantly upgrading technical guidance and technical assistance in the headquarters to join, let investors to thoroughly enjoy the advantages of joining and happiness, standardized production process of innovation through hundreds of delicacy, the product yield is greatly improved let, investors in the foundation to ensure the food taste and quality of the cost savings.

Sambo congee shop in a rich variety of products to join and attractive product taste is to join the secret of success in business, the more the dietary Jiamei special snack table for consumers to y enjoy the taste delicacy, according to the size of the market and the local area, according to the local conditions for the local franchisee set up market protection policy, the market will be around the store independent business space. Jiamei diet porridge shop headquarters will Sambo through the Internet, local TV, national newspapers and magazines and other media, a wide range of advertising, establish a first-class brand image. Jiamei diet congee technology support long-term Sambo, regularly launch new snacks, so that stores to get technical support and technical upgrading of the Everfount.

Sambo shop to join the advantages of

unified process, teaching package will be

Sambo porridge shop streamline process, the core formula and production process, package teaching package will be able to learn in a short time.

set of programs, the entire store output


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