today’s retail industry is highly competitive, which is indeed a fact, however, there is also a very hot shop business, which in fact relates to the management skills. Nowadays, the supermarket stores will undoubtedly meet the eye everywhere, innumerable, doing business with enormous pressure of competition. I want to determine whether the business is good or bad, the objective factor is only one aspect, but this is not the main reason, but the real decision or subjective factors.

even in the same location, with the same source of shops, by different people to operate, the effect is absolutely different. There are personal business strategy, service language, service attitude and quality of service issues. The following on the service language skills to talk about some personal views, I think, when the customer comes, we must remember that often say the following three words, it should be said that we can bring tremendous changes in business.

first sentence: "Hello, welcome to."

familiar stranger, when both men and women, old and young, their own foot in the door, we should immediately got a warm smile, "Hello, Welcome" greetings, let the customer feel very warm and warm my heart suddenly, is this simple words can deeply impress customers, not only shows the attitude and refined and cultured the quality of their courteous and accessible to customers, quickly shorten the psychological distance, harmonious relationship. So familiar like relatives, strangers into friends, feelings for the foundation of business lay.

however, I have seen many shopkeepers in the customer to set foot in their door, not attention in computer games, is in the best of spirits and others chat, or busy own things and so on, oblivious to the presence of the guests at the door. This is bound to make customers feel that you ignore them, do not care about not paying attention to them. Just imagine, who is still in the mood to face such a cold boss?

to tell you the truth, now customers to buy a comfortable way also, where there are shops, money everywhere can buy the goods shop is shopping store is bought, why not be bought in your store? Unless you are a store, customers are willing to stay in your store? That’s absolutely impossible! So this sentence not only in a timely manner, but also to the enthusiasm is not artificial, so that customers really feel that we are welcoming him, in response to his.

second sentence: "excuse me, what do you want?"

please do not look down on this sentence, that is, ordinary words, but can firmly grasp the hearts of customers, so that customers do not hesitate to wander. The original plan to buy what the customer would answer the answer, "I need someone"; and originally just going into the store around the guests, will also take into account the face, and we talk, so we will take the opportunity to talk to them, what’s a lesbian.


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