The evening of September 5th, sponsored by the Xining Municipal Bureau of education for the celebration of the twenty-ninth teachers’ Day Dance Party "called a teacher – plateau of love" held in the Qinghai Grand Theater, the primary and secondary school teachers and students together to watch the show on behalf of.

party in the song called "teacher" in the curtain, divided into "said the teacher", "teacher", "China boy said" three chapters, the song "teacher, my dear teacher," song "spring", "the teacher is beautiful," candle "silent" the sun, "I", "dedicated to the song", "teacher", "Happy Teachers’ Day", "together we love", "said the boy" China reading programs, through a variety of art forms to express the thank you, praise the teacher’s sincere feelings, praises the people’s teacher, salutary influence of Education teaching and selfless dedication of the noble character, fully demonstrated the school art education and campus culture construction achievements, expressed the confidence of teachers and students through education.

performance site, the Xining city education system, the representative of the advanced model to accept the students to send flowers and blessings of the festival. Shencanzhijian "the most beautiful rural teachers’ ma rejuvenation, suffering from cancer for twenty years, has been tenacious struggle with illness, but always fight in the teaching the first line, with the interpretation of life a teacher dedication and selfless dedication of the sacred duty of Wang Chang Xiang, and the students are affectionately known as" Grandma "old teacher Zhang Aiping tells of his moving story teaching first-line.

Xining City Board of education official, the 14 songs presented by the party is organized by the city of Xining in the lyrics of the song lyrics collected in the activities of the selected music boutique. The teacher song collection, music, making and publishing, which lasted eight months, the majority of teachers to participate, and obtained the well-known writer Su Liu, a famous musician Ya Dong, Yangjinlanze and other guidance. (author: Zhao Jing)


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