director, you give us a certificate to prove that we only have a house." Two days ago, the East District Bayi Road office Kang Dong community office, director Wang Shisheng once again suffered embarrassment of the seal, he can not remember how many residents to the community to allow him to cover this chapter can not be covered.

face seal of the residents, Wang Shisheng puzzled. Cover it, residents in other places there is no house can not be verified, it is possible to do a good man trouble. Do not cover it, we do not bow to see the rise, are quite ripe. Wang Shisheng can only persuade each other go very reluctantly.

another community director but eat the wrong seal bitter. Some time ago, the area where there was an old man in the hospital, the family to the community in the elderly is required to prove that falls, community director did not want to open proof. The hospital found in the inspection process, the old man is not broken, but beaten. Investigated, the community naturally bear the responsibility.

many residents believe that the community is to serve everyone, residents need to cover a chapter or something, the community should not make things difficult". Can also be difficult to read this community, the community is neither the supervision department, there is no law enforcement power, can only prove that residents living in the community and some simple kinship, the other is difficult to verify the evidence. Once the community issued a certificate with the actual situation, the community will bear the corresponding responsibility.

every day the community will be required to issue a variety of evidence, such as housing sales, leasing, property disputes, etc.. There is no relevant laws and regulations, which chapters can cover the community, which chapters can not cover. Therefore, the staff is very difficult to seal.


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