during the protection of major food safety activities in our city, suppression of the "five small" industries health rebound phenomenon, from August 18, 2010 to August 26th, with the public hygiene supervision inspection, Health Supervision Institute of Xining Health Bureau to group three county "four district five small" industries of the inspectors, inspected 101 catering units, hotels 19, beauty salons 33 units, medical institutions, 6 households, 1 households in the bath.
this inspection focus on catering service provider "catering service license" health, employees’ health certificate "and public places of quantified and classified management of health supervision, supervision and inspection of environmental sanitation. Judging from the results of the inspection, most units can consciously abide by the relevant provisions of the food safety law and public health management regulations, food and beverage service license, practitioners health certificate is better. However, the individual food and beverage equipment is not perfect, the internal sanitation environment is poor, ledger records are incomplete, part of the food and beverage units have repeated cleaning disinfection bowl phenomenon. The operating environment of the individual barber shop is poor, there is no towel disinfection facilities, UV disinfection cabinet becomes furnishings, did not play the role of disinfection barber tools. Public places (accommodation) there is a quantitative classification of public signs but no specific content (four districts and counties of the health supervision of the work is being carried out in three).
through this inspection, to further standardize the "five small" industries, contain the part of the "five small" industries health rebound phenomenon. The next phase will increase the intensity of supervision, supervision and supervision of four districts and counties to complete the health supervision of public places, as soon as possible, quantified and classified management of the work of the three.


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