along with the surge of entrepreneurship, across the country have hit off the action, hope that through their own efforts, let the dream into reality. Two years ago, Beijing entered the Haidian book city, mostly buy students or booksellers apply for civil service, PubMed books; now, here has become Beijing and even China venture "holy land".


6 4 July, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council launched a policy of "public entrepreneurship peoples innovation toolbox, including the establishment of venture capital funds to encourage local innovation, investment loan linkage, to raise public equity financing, cancel hinder the free flow of talent, the household registration degree limit and other initiatives, again promoting entrepreneurship.


spare no effort to catch up

"Zhongguancun this entrepreneurial team number was more up, before the Haidian Book City Hao sea floor is full of bookstores, many of which are now empty, the business circle around the registered company more and more friends". Zhu Guilin said.

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