Reporters from the province education thematic meeting was informed that the province for three years before the action plan with "preschool education in rural and pastoral areas in Qinghai province to promote the implementation of" project planning, project planning a total investment of 2 billion 82 million yuan, the funds required in accordance with the provincial, county and state subsidies 80% bear 20% financing, the central and provincial capital of 1 billion 625 million yuan, 457 million yuan of local matching. The construction area of 1 million 30 thousand square meters, construction of 1913 kindergartens, the implementation period of 2011 to 2015.

through the implementation of the project will be the construction of the province’s agricultural and pastoral areas in the transformation of a number of reasonable layout, safety and standard management, for all school-age children in inclusive kindergarten; do not have the condition of garden area construction with pre-school and primary school teaching tour. By 2015, the county has formed demonstrative kindergarten, township kindergarten center, village kindergarten, primary school and tour with pre-school teaching points of preschool education network, and strive to build a reasonable layout of urban and rural, preschool education public service system. It is reported that, as of the end of 2013, a total of 1 billion 293 million yuan of funds issued preschool education. The new 385 kindergartens, 469 primary school, idle school reform has 128 kindergartens, to support to the public in 51 city and 118 private kindergartens, tour to support work volunteer living allowance and subsidy of 32 million yuan of public funds at the provincial level. Since 2011, the province’s three years of pre-school action plan, the rapid development of pre-school education. As of 2013, the province has 1245 kinds of kindergartens, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools (classes) in the park, children of 166659 people in the park, the staff of 8047 people, full-time teachers of the people of the past 4668 years, the gross enrollment rate of the past three years, up to 73.9%.


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