The reporter learned from the provincial admissions, after the college entrance examination, students and parents are most eagerly looked forward to is timely in our province to see national college enrollment plan and professional directory, and eager to see your favorite college enrollment charter ""…… Enrollment plan in the province before the college entrance examination results released, the admissions regulations can be found on the internet.

does not distribute the announced plan does not allow enrollment

it is understood that the enrollment plan unified management by the Ministry of education. Approved by the Ministry of Education (or record) with general higher education qualifications education enrollment in Colleges and universities, the state approved the annual enrollment scale, plan enrollment of the school in accordance with the planning principles, requirements, unified information standard. Enrollment plan, responsible for the summary submitted to the competent department of Education Department of colleges and universities for the record, unified distribution is given to the provincial zhaoban. The provincial Zhaoban basis education enrollment plan to send the check points, professional plan and instructions in Colleges and universities, and is responsible for the timely, accurate, standardized, unified to the public. The preparation, reporting, collection, distribution, adjustment and execution management of the enrollment plan are carried out through the "national college entrance examination plan management system". In our province the annual enrollment plan and professional directory in the college entrance examination results announced before the summary published by the provincial admissions announced. No part of the program announced by the Ministry of education is not allowed to recruit students.

enrollment plan to adhere to the point of not only expand recruit

college entrance examination, the strict implementation of the education part of the source of the enrollment plan to send, adhere to the expansion of the only point. Accept the principle of Shun expansion plans, student enrollment in our province colleges, volunteer candidates fall within adequate and more high performance, through the management system of university enrollment plan in University Online nationwide increased by expansion plans, according to the provincial admissions volunteer candidates, the principle of priority and priority scores Toudang number along the expansion plans.

Details of the

colleges and universities in the admissions regulations

"enrollment regulations" is the main form of college enrollment information to the public. Colleges and universities in accordance with the "prospectus" to carry out recruitment. The main contents include: the name, location, education level, school type, professional enrollment plan number and description, the professional training of foreign language requirements, the proportion of male and female students, health requirements, admission rules, tuition standard and qualification certificate issued by the name of the school and the type of certificate, telephone number, address and other information. "Enrollment regulations" in the Chinese higher education student information network "sunshine college entrance examination" platform. (by boat)


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