In order to make the employment difficulties in employment, the city from 2011 onwards, the first to create full employment community in the province today, the city’s 131 communities have been created in the full employment community 57, among them, the full employment of 22 star community, let a lot of people through this platform to realize the smooth employment. It is understood that the full employment of the community so that the residents of the area can be achieved at the entrance of employment". Rudong street community to home for the purpose of employment, development conditions, locations, enterprises and personnel is not limited to "flea" recruitment, employment success rate in more than 50% wells; Lane Community in the area of older unemployed tailored low threshold, low skilled "sesame post", enabling them to local employment. At the same time, the full employment community is to provide information services, to achieve timely docking between workers and employers demand. Rudong traffic lane community launched the "1+1+1+N+2" of the employment service information collection, the first floor of a file, a file, a file, hundreds of N units to provide jobs, satisfaction, employment stability tracking service pursue employment personnel; the community in Datong County to achieve Unicom information platform coverage, accurate and timely send all kinds of enterprises to recruit workers information, provide employment services to residents for the first time. In the creation of a full community, the city’s innovative service model. Such as the Qinghai Tibet Garden community "warm heart, heart, heart beat, poly heart" of the "four heart" service, zero distance service before the Camp Street community residents; community members "do open hotline" to provide consulting, consulting and other government employment services; community enjoy elaborate Xinqing employment related policy for the program, pay attention to matters and contact service note, area residents convenient for the business more convenient and more efficient.  

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