September 3rd, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice, the city’s Legal Aid Center for six thousand families issued a green card assistance. Green card holders will be exempt from all the review process, direct access to free legal aid.

Xining Legal Aid Center Director Zhang introduced, in order to provide legal services to disadvantaged groups and convenient, the legal aid center of Xining city launched a "legal aid home" activity, starting in June, four in the provincial capital area survey of the area of low-income families and families of disabled persons. The issuance of six thousand legal aid green card for the first phase, the next will be gradually statistics of the three counties and the new difficult families, and then issued nearly a green card in succession after another. The "green card not in units of individuals, but to the whole family as a unit, that is to say, if your family is low, so anyone in the family members of rights and interests are infringed upon, are holding a green card directly to obtain legal aid, legal aid and simplify the acceptance review process, do the best aid should aid the maximum. To meet the needs of disadvantaged groups." Zhang told reporters.

it is understood that the legal aid green card issued by the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice in the city to carry out to achieve fairness and justice – legal aid in Xining, one of the large-scale public welfare activities. Public advocacy activities include playing propaganda of legal aid in the city transportation, large LED display screen, the obligation to provide consulting, issuing legal publicity manual and legal aid information to the public in the center square, making publicity panels, banners and so on, with a variety of people love to see and hear in the form of legal aid to everybody. (author: Zhang Yun)


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