In order to realize the Huangshui River (Xining section) "the overall goal of clear water, smooth, shore green, beautiful scene, beautiful ecological district, North District, the morning of March 1st nine, the year Xining Chengbei District Office, District Environmental Protection Bureau jointly launched the" West City daily water to build ecological civilization, cherish the life of the "mother river protection volunteer activities.

in early spring plateau warm spring breeze, the volunteers read the environmental proposal, the public advocate to the concept of environmental protection advocates, practitioners, defenders of . in the working life of reinforced consciousness of water saving and protecting water love, begin from me, from the trivial, with shopping bags, reduce the white pollution; on-demand shopping, eliminate waste; save water, protect water resources. It was found that the pollution of the river to the river and other acts of endangering the mother river, and promptly stop and call 12369 environmental report telephone.

then volunteers regardless of the old comrades or young people, all energetic, dedicated to the protection of the mother river activities. We walk in Huangshui River of Beichuan River, investigation of pollution source, river clean garbage, spread the knowledge of environmental protection etc.. In the coastal propaganda and investigation, found a drainage of sewage to the river washing plant, environmental monitoring staff issued a notice of the sewage treatment plant relocation deadline. The volunteers face-to-face survey has been done to the public, issuing leaflets and proposal, called on the majority of residents set up environmental protection consciousness, not in the garbage piled up along the river, Sidaluanjian, no waste water and sewage discharged into the river.


activity of walking more than two hours, the volunteers were not afraid of dirty, tired, vigorously carry forward the spirit of volunteers, with practical actions they create everyone involved in the mother river protection, all striving to protect mother river scene guards. (author: Wang Xuehua)


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