In order to further innovation and broaden our province folk microfinance refinancing channels, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Investment Holding Group Co., a subsidiary of Qinghai innovative financial information services limited company to build an innovative Internet the province’s first state-owned capital holdings of financial P2P platform "home network", "home network" since June of this year officially launched operation, as of the beginning of September, the amount of financing has exceeded 50 million yuan, total financing amounted to 51 million 8 thousand and 800 yuan, through the online fund-raising mode, the province and the Development Zone Small and micro businesses and individuals to raise funds 40, grant income 634 thousand and 800 yuan, of which, 2 homes in the district enterprises through the "home network" financing loans 1 million 800 thousand yuan.

"home network" self built since, in order to provide a safe and reliable financial services platform, make private lending behavior more standard and safety, will adhere to the platform construction of credit system and risk prevention and control as a priority among priorities. Increase the security of network information system security investigation efforts, and constantly improve the level of safety management. According to national laws and regulations, combined with the reality of the company, establish a risk prevention system of independent sound, through the bank opened earmarking funds custody account, the third party payment and settlement services and other measures to ensure the safety of funds, and efficient operation. Especially in the lending program, the pre loan investigation, loan review, loan credit data in the operation process management gradually perfect, strict, effective against various risks, and achieve the guarantee intent and the province large state-owned Guarantee Corporation, in order to protect the development of platform.The rapid development of

"home network" of the Internet financial services, not only open up a new financing channels for small and medium enterprises in our province, more idle private capital to build a safe, convenient and efficient, transparent and robust platform for investment returns.  

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