The province’s 2010 annual earthquake observation data quality evaluation results for the end of January 25, 2011, the rating is divided into seismic, electromagnetic, fluid, deformation, information communication in 5 courses, 16 items, a total of 75 items (Taiwan) to participate in competitions. Seismological Bureau of Xining city to obtain good results, in the assessment of which: Twenty shop by electromagnetism simulation observation data of geoelectric first; the information communication network node log subject outstanding award; seismic network run by seismic, borehole inclination was good; Xining good deformation discipline.   in 2010, we overcome the difficulties of monitoring staff, heavy workload, and so on, so that we can complete the monitoring task of the whole year, and ensure the continuity of seismic data. The data in the competitions in my bureau achieved the best results of the year, but there are not standardized, alter, log data preprocessing not completed, in future work we will conscientiously sum up experiences and lessons, strengthen the staff’s sense of responsibility, and effectively improve the quality of observation data.  

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