May 31st, Xiguan Street office staff Zhang Shiying will be sent to the 5 residents of the home of the unemployed, the same day is the West Main Street area unemployment attendance service day. June 3rd, the reporter learned that Xiguan Street office to create a service-oriented street as the goal, the development of a series of initiatives.

residents of the office of Zhao Meiying launched the most impressive door service. A few days ago, her father is ill in hospital, one family all in the hospital to accompany his father did not expect to do surgery on the same day, the office staff with fruits and flowers, to the hospital to see the old man, also brought his father’s social security subsidies, "I did not expect the community service so meticulous, we are very touched by one family." Originally, the days staff repeatedly come to subsidies for Zhao Meiying’s father, but did not find him, then from the neighbors learned that Zhao Meiying’s father was ill in hospital, the staff went to the hospital to visit the elderly, by the payment of social security subsidy.

it is understood that the 15 days per month, 30 days is the West Main Street area door-to-door service, consisting of offices and staff of community service team to carry out the "eight door, eight service activities, namely door policy advocacy, answer questions, door door handle, door documents provide information, on-site coordination, on-site dispute to solve the difficulties, to help disabled, to solicit opinions, providing consultation services and services that do, provide coordination services, communication services, to provide return service, provide contact service, tracking service. This initiative allows residents to stay at home can enjoy the family planning, social security, health care and other services, while improving the efficiency, simplifying the procedures.

to the supervision of the staff service office, hired 17 representatives in the area, which has jurisdiction on behalf of the unit, the old party representatives, representatives of local residents, composed by their masses, supervision office staff work style.


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