For 3 consecutive months, the northwest of the first batch of air quality in the first quarter of the province of air quality rate increased by 17.2%, the number of days to increase the number of excellent days in ranked the country in April than in the year of March to enhance the 13

A: pay close attention to the dust pollution control measures

in the construction dust control, the city’s 442 construction sites, 22 sites, 27 units of commercial concrete enterprise to carry out "five 100%" standards, and implement preventive measures and strict management, pay close attention to the demolition work, pay close attention to the source of the wet approval control, pay close attention to the extreme weather ban Shi, governance and regulatory measures such as strict penalties. In road dust control, the implementation of 5 times to 7 times of uninterrupted dust sprinkler operation of the city’s 121 Road, by regularly carry out regional environmental clean-up, on the implementation of urban and rural road hardening, hardening of the implementation of parking lot, "in front of three" responsibility system for each region. The implementation of new high-speed railway, highway and country sides, county road tourist attractions and the surrounding rural environment. In the sediment transport governance, through standardized management, GPS installation of the 1138 cars muck transport vehicles closed transformation and the further strengthening of the muck excavation, muck field and dump dust control, effectively solve the muck vehicle along the way to throw phenomenon.

two measures: to comprehensively promote coal smoke pollution

the implementation of coal to enhance the quality of work in the city, to carry out coal trading market norms, the implementation of the 4 coal level centralized trading market and 49 level two business outlets construction. Formulated the "Xining 2014-2015 coal use standards" to strengthen the inspection of coal products to ensure the quality of coal in Xining, from the source to reduce soot;

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