is located in Sea Lake District on the sea bridge in bridge construction. It is understood that the sea bridge is the city’s first cable-stayed bridge, the bridge is expected to be completed in June next year.

according to deputy general manager of West Ninghai Lake development and Construction Management Co. Ltd. Feng Xiangqiang introduction, Xining City Lake District Tonghai bridge in the Lake District Haiyan Road, North Qaidam road finally area, across the Huangshui River, a total investment of 470 million yuan, the structure of single tower and single cable plane steel box girder cable-stayed bridge, the main span length of 245 meters cable-stayed bridge, the main tower height of 106 meters, the Qinghai Tibet railway line across the bridge is a reinforced concrete continuous box girder structure, and the Qaidam road as the trumpet interchange bridge, 37 meters wide, two-way 4 lane.

Since the start of the construction of the

bridge in March 2011, through nearly 2 years of intense construction, is expected to be completed in June next year. The construction of the bridge, not only to build a three-dimensional transportation network extending in all directions, as well as the lake district and a landmark building, greatly enhance the overall image of the city, traffic will become a major hub connecting the two area of the lake district and north of the city area, an important role in promoting the economic development of the two interval. (author: Chen Yu)


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