"government work report" pointed out that over the past five years, the implementation of the "four zone two line" development strategy in our province, start the eastern city group and Hercynian construction of urban-rural integration, foster the development of county economy, the urbanization rate increased by 7.4 percentage points, to 47.4%, to promote urban and rural development.

accelerate the development of new urbanization is the only way for the province to achieve a comprehensive well-off, is the implementation of the "two new" goals and "zone" strategy is the inevitable requirement. In front of us is how to give full play to urbanization in the "four modernizations" synchronous development of the driving force? How to explore the diverse forms of urbanization, struggling to get out of a new urbanization path with Qinghai characteristics?

asked: how to highlight the personality?

, the new urbanization is not only the "expansion enclosure levy", each town should have its own personality and unique charm.

the new urbanization to break the "1000 town side", from the past one-sided emphasis on the pursuit of the expansion of the city, spatial expansion, change is to enhance the city’s cultural connotation and public services as the center, the town has become a real suitable high quality of.

of Xining city based on "Xining New District" construction, the county and town center as the leading regional development and joint, strengthen the leading role of the city center, in accordance with the standards of planning and construction of county, the county in accordance with the standards of planning and construction of small towns. Provincial People’s Congress, Xining mayor Wang Yubo said.

to agriculture and modern service industry as the leading industry, the new characteristics of Ledu, Eastern traffic hub, new agricultural demonstration base, modern city airport safe, with regional and national characteristics, the plateau ecological culture national tourism and leisure resort city mutual aid…… Construction of the eastern city group in full swing, the provincial CPPCC members, provincial housing and urban construction department director Kuang Chung said.

relying on the rich resources and tourism resources of wind power, the cold lake into an important province of wind power base and tourism base, complete from the exploitation of oil and natural gas resources and Saline Lake chemical transformation of wind power resources, tourism resources in cities.

, deputy secretary of the provincial people’s Congress, cold lake Working Committee, told reporters Zhu Yuanbo.

Guide County efforts to create harmony between man and nature of the National Tourism and leisure resort city of cultural tourism, "low-carbon eco city" and "plateau city"; Haiyan County to build the island, Jinyintan, Atomic City, Xihai hotspring tourism brand…… A distinctive feature of the new towns are emerging across the province.

two Q: how to improve the carrying capacity and public service level?

new urbanization is not only the surface of the "bright", but also the comprehensive follow-up of the various facilities; not only the improvement of hardware, but also to enhance the software.

experts pointed out that we should focus on long-term development of the province’s cities, adhere to the overall planning, scientific layout, and constantly improve the level of urban public service facilities. To further study and optimize road traffic;

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