Abstract: you do six months or a year, VC will come to you, you will find VC. The angel stage is generally two million yuan investment, A round stage generally five million to seven million yuan. No matter who first look for someone, be sure to tell a moving story.

in the current China, entrepreneurship is indeed the strongest voice. Every time I cast a project, they would like to "is a Facebook", the results tend to become "and not die". This is the process of looking for hope forever in despair, but also I do five or six years of painful lessons. read more

news September 22nd, according to the Internet infrastructure provider VeriSign (VeriSign) today announced the "2009 second quarter report" shows that the industry domain, at the end of the second quarter of 2009, the global Internet top-level domain name registration number increasing to 184 million, compared with growth of 1% in the first quarter of 2009, compared with the same quarter last year rose 9%.

data show that in the second quarter, the number of countries to increase the number of top-level domain code, compared with the first quarter of 2009, an increase of 1%, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 14%. VeriSign said the country code top-level domain name registration number is affected by.Cn and.Eu decline. read more

  the Internet is a shake Qian Shu! You go to shake, can guarantee to the money, you just don’t when trees just beginning to bud to shake, shake Qian Shu also need to grow, the more money the more shake out of the tree.         shake Qian Shu, this word is estimated that there will be people identity, also some people do not agree, but the fact that the Internet is indeed shaking Qian Shu, at the beginning of this world, there are no trees, the environment is very poor, but there are people of trees, that can shake the money. Someone is YAHOO, his early trees grow very slowly, and now the domestic SINA, SOHU, TOM 163, which is not shaking Qian Shu, these trees are long in the desert, it is difficult to survive early. Today, we see only a few survived Qian Shu, and ignore those who have existed and now dead tree, ignoring the natural environment.         HAO123 is a new growing up shake Qian Shu, when he grew up, when you can shake the money, a lot of people say that this tree is so easy, I can also, so this kind of sapling everywhere, but shake Qian Shu and the other the tree is the same, for his survival environment, apple is suitable for planting in the north, in the South can live, but do not take the fruit, so you have the same kind of trees, but the environment is wrong, then he shook out a lot of money, the tree was good, but the environment is not.         as more shaking Qian Shu, especially in the past two years, the speed of the site area increased dramatically, people have become smarter, you see the apple trees in the north, I also see you kind of Litchi in the north, in the south, I also go to the south, the mode of development indeed, can reduce the difficulty of thinking, but the South has a lot of people north of litchi, many kinds of apples, or what I remember in 2000 when litchi sold 8 yuan a catty wholesale, retail 15 yuan, about second years of litchi will become a wholesale 8 cents a pound, 2 pound of the retail. I have enough to eat lychees, but at that time I also understand why farmers do not earn money, because the suit led to oversupply. The network is the same, although the network information is transmitted between the message, but the network is no national boundaries, so a SP can do 5-10 industry, less than 3 years has been the same as litchi.       of course there are seeds, like rice now, or planting my high school, when I was in college I have changed to throwing, has now become the sower. I also like to do a sow station, a group of stations, now found that this is not possible, although not to spend what time, although the amount of the same, and the income is good, but this is only a short-term behavior, because it spends a lot of time and energy to the development of thinking, the tree began to grow up, go to shake, the result accidentally shake dead.      ! read more

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) 13 news: Recently, Baidu launched a new service, a site scoring platform Baidu reputation on the line, and enable the domain name koubei.baidu.com.

said Baidu’s reputation, I have to mention 360 website search engine in August this year on the line in the search results are divided into three types: red yellow and green tomato, three colors represent the three kinds of users give website evaluation results. Based on this score, we can find a better search results more quickly. Baidu’s reputation is an interactive platform of Internet users and website, through the mining site external word-of-mouth content assist users of information decision, similar to the 360 "Red Tomato", a website users can comment on a user’s vote will directly affect the search rankings. read more

2014, millions of users to participate in WeChat grab red war, siege of Alipay in the postwar crowd four lines also get Ali and taxi subsidies billions of Tencent. The third party payment as the key link in the chain, the financial importance is self-evident, aimed at all kinds of chaos payment market, the central bank is repeatedly rectification.

2014, the third party payment market has been smoke constantly, giants are busy staking, upstart continuously into the Bureau, WeChat red raid, drops fast in the mobile payment, Alipay storm in the sun circle of friends ten years running bills and state-owned banks on the Alipay surround is a "colorful", and the invisible hand "harassment" make war more and more many uncertain factors. In the future, the payment market will be staged a vigorous war, there will be a new pattern in five years. read more

Beijing on April 14th news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. technology blog TechCrunch · founder Michael (Michael Arrington); Arlington wrote Tuesday, multiple sources confirmed, group purchase website Groupon new round of financing is nearing completion, the current round of financing for Groupon valuation reached $1 billion 200 million.

Groupon at the end of last year from Accel capital, NEA and other VCs received $30 million in financing, the market valuation of $250 million. Groupon first proposed the idea of a day to buy once, only to buy a certain number of members must be able to officially began to buy, which encourages users to spread between friends buy news. Groupon currently registered users reached 3 million people, managing about 40 markets. Since November 2008 on-line, the total amount of goods sold through the site has reached 3 million. read more

March 10 news, last year began in December nine ministries against pornographic websites action appeared "a website of jurisprudence, the whole room off the net", bring some innocent website, the relevant responsible person said yesterday China Internet association, this kind of situation will be in the near future to solve quickly ".

yesterday afternoon, including 9 members of the CPPCC National Committee, director of statistics, Communication University of China graduate, Professor Ke Huixin, gathered in Beijing on the Comsenz company headquarters, to conduct research on the development of small and medium-sized websites. Eight site long Fu Changbao, Lu Deqing and other young IIYI webmaster webmaster report some problems they recently encountered at the forum, including the record filing process complex, long time, transparent management, remote pictures for the record, high cost, difficult issues for a special forum. read more

the emergence of a new website, the first thing is to do publicity for it. In order to let more users know their site, as the webmaster pressure is very big, for them propaganda is imperative, must vigorously promote their website. Especially as a new, more to increase efforts to promote, or even more rich content will become a pool of stagnant water, no one knows. So today we are talking about the site to promote this aspect, I hope to bring some help to everyone, as soon as possible out of confusion. read more

life without marketing, for marketers, any flash point may have a sentiment, may let out a trick. The rest of the time should be the guardian weekend, Yuan Kun is no exception to the Hankou sun, did not expect the sun out of dry cargo. Useful to you, look at yourself.

this method is particularly suitable for physical store friends, especially suitable for offline transactions, particularly suitable for local service friends. So what is it? Let’s take a look at the picture below.

love to go to Hankou, Wuchang in East Lake and other places to play in Wuhan this weekend for a lot of friends, and now friends if you leave the network will cause panic. Use their own mobile traffic bar, can not afford to consume. So I hope you can use the free WiFi, of course, the official will launch free, such as Wuhan’s public places free WiFi is iWuhan-Free. So for marketers, the opportunity is not coming. read more

title is the key to attract users to browse the contents of the information is very important to the web site, e-commerce website is more important. Good title to improve the content of the click is significant, but also to improve the site PV one of the key factors. If the content of the article is a vault, then the title of the article is the key to open the vault.

how to write the title? All that depends on the content and release of the place. The title of the article and the electronic commerce class title writing is different, the article published in his stand and do in the outside of the title of the soft Wen write is different. According to the victory of the usual experience, the writing of the title to share with you, and to explore more writing: read more