first_img“The other day, Vinicius Junior was flying a kite in São Gonçalo; today it is marked as the future of Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team.” With this entradilla, Luiz Felipe Castro presents his report in Tackle with the Madrid player, that this Christmas was in the humble neighborhood where he was born. Vini does not forget its origins or its philosophy, that Bold and Joy that Neymar coined in his stage at Santos and that the former Flamengo has been recorded. “I am this way and I will never lose my joy,” says the attacker to the magazine The smile always accompanies Vinicius, although he recognizes that sometimes this apparent fun conceals a high degree of nervousness. “I always seem to be calm, but I get very nervous inside. In my debut with Flamengo, for example, I was scared to death. I didn’t even want to touch the ball.”, reveals. Vinicius’s life has gone faster than his ID. His talent took him from the humble São Gonçalo and took him to Flamengo, where he used to play with boys two years older than him; debuted with the first team in May 2017, with 16 years, thus breaking the precocity barriers set by Neymar and Gabriel Jesús; days later he signed for Real Madrid for 45 million and his status escalated until he acquired popularity indexes little seen before in Brazil for a boy his age. “I let things happen naturally,” he says. With only 18 years he landed at Real Madrid and has lived in a ferris wheel. Lopetegui sent him to Castile to reach his “cooking point” and hardly counted on him; Solari hugged him to shake an apathetic and depressed Madrid and Vini he grabbed the challenge with determination until he was injured against Ajax; and with Zidane he is in the fight to gain a foothold (he is the 15th Real Madrid player in minutes, with 699 ’) although he has not yet met that version that excited the Bernabéu. In two seasons he has savored the honey of praise and the bitterness of criticism and mockery for its low definition. Vinicius already landed at Real Madrid warned about the pressure in a club where there are no grays. “Marcelo had already warned me: here, one day you are Pele; the other you don’t play anything,” he confesses. Vinicius, like any player of his generation, is connected to the networks. Everything comes to him, although he tries to isolate himself under his love of soccer video games: “I always have an eye on social networks, I control my account myself. The videogames? It’s nice to play with myself; I think I’m better at games than in real life. “, he jokes. After recharging batteries in São Gonçalo, Vinicius returned to Madrid the last week of December and faces optimistically this 2020 that starts this Saturday with the match against Getafe. The Brazilian is aware that, with Hazard injured, this must be his time.last_img read more