1, from the webmaster statistics or love Shanghai related search keywords, find out what you think the flow more, and then after you update the keywords in this paper focus on strengthening the anchor point to the home a lot of work, increase the frequency of keywords in the title or content, over time, the search engine will gradually focus moved to the anchor text keywords. This is the station anchor text.


we do stand inside or outside the station anchor text anchor text or do Links, generally we link our main keywords are keyword optimization, link text all point to the site of the primary key, the general goal of the website keywords in 1-3 (Shanghai dragon basic), so all point to this 1-3 want to optimize keywords in anchor text link or friendship. read more

to design a framework, says bluntly: is according to the user we give steps, methods, techniques, format, to write, to release information about the supply and demand information; and to the top in the most conspicuous place, allowing users to see at a glance; you can also publish news system, so that all users can >

! ah!Love The operation of

so far, Shanghai has been in a fight with low quality content sites, including B2B sites accounted for the majority of many B2B sites of supply and demand information are of poor quality, has nothing to do with the love of "Shanghai search quality white paper. Especially some sites at the age of 2 years, this part of the site because of the quality of the content in the website weight up and down, the weight is not stable, and when the weight reaches a certain bottleneck can not break. Some time ago, there was a B2B webmaster to come to consult the A5 marketing of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝admin5.cn/ Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) service, probably looked at the site, the site is good, structure and page optimization is also good, but some details do not just; look around the site overall weight, weight between 2-3; when after I open the supply and demand information section of the page, see a lot of information quality is low. I asked him why not low quality content audit refused? He said: "if rejecting these spam. These people may not again release, we operate the site is to make money, someone to send information is good, so I can not deny it". read more

cheating The content of

we as a webmaster, will check every day of our Links, to see if there is no punishment, or other links have to link the factory, this link is very harmful to us, my Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog before a certain period of time is due to the friendship connection, resulting in my my home page is K, after treatment, after fourth days in Shanghai to our homepage put out, so we must pay attention to the details on this, as the saying goes, carefully make the boat.

seven update site long time not updated read more

1, the keywords you want to check the degree of competition, for example, you want to do a "virtual machine", but you probably don’t end the "virtual host" of the word as the target of the web site keywords, because it is almost an impossible thing. If you finally found the term "virtual host agent" is good, and the selected, then, how would you like to check again the word level of competition, but also look at the relevant keywords the keywords, can on the basis of relatively easy to set the site columns. read more

recently their Inside Search Blog Lists improved in March 2012:

noble baby every hour and moment a variety of small improvements.

Do not search

"+" began as an ordinary character to treat, with%, @, , # symbols like these. As the search had before the plus operator to see, but now is not, unless you used to the math formula to modify the password you need to log out of all the noble baby service, including the search shows the sports score better, including tennis, hockey and Russian Champions League when using mobile phone search the application, search results will list your current mobile phone operating system, for example, you use Android to search Angry Birds, will not list the iOS version of the results. In addition to rich text summarization of the search results more abundant, including quality, Star News and so on the download button OneBox will appear more frequently, relevance ranking of search pictures in search results and source sites are enhanced, want to use the "noble baby bomb" change a word image search results more difficult read more

webmaster will say, I had to do well enough, are also very hard, love Shanghai is not included or included too little, not to mention the second, ah, do not know if you noticed your website program, now mostly webmaster website program is online download, download good blindly build station, if you are under the template program for spiders is not friendly enough, which is a good reason for not included. Even leave dark chain in the website source code, so the takings, so everyone in the choice of site source as far as possible to upload the test. read more

The difference between

here is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform community moderator Lao Lu of the article, a detailed description of the reason why the index volume will decline, and given a solution, is every webmaster read it again.

in addition, add a code " space service providers in.Htaccess file; deny from" space set. This code is to prevent malicious web site traffic. I query, the IP address may be love Shanghai spiders, don’t know when taking to help me if there is a malicious access flow shielding considering these factors. read more

just at the end of the Alibaba network business conference, the new retail, IP integration has become the new network era keywords". By the end of June, snack chains, "leading", "good" shop also join the super constellation IP uncle, opened a gourmet leisure life museum. Earlier, in early 2017, the nut electricity supplier brand three squirrels resolutely joined the film and television ingredients in their business territory, the establishment of squirrel entertainment. read more

is the second operation and management right, a powerful website, if nobody goes to the operation and management of it will become a waste site, gradually disappear in our sight, this case is very much, such as last year a webmaster for personal reasons no time to take care of the website, today query his website that has been open, had his personal Webmaster Station traffic, this is the second, and the article is included after the row on the home page, the weight is relatively high, but the latter ignored management, advertising, multi link, the quality of website content gradually decreased. The weight drop comparison leads to a lot of keywords ranking no, once lost the keywords ranking, so visitors on a > read more

June 13~6 30: ranking

the most important thing is to let us every day promotion personnel understand their own what to do, not as busy as before have no idea, after one thing, just half a day, what I want to do next, to this heart, work efficiency is improved. I will give you this time to bask in the May 30th to June 10th promotion program, for your reference:

3. the chain included: double chain (833à 1600)

, a promotion goal: May 30~6 month 10 included:

, allowing them to improve website, do website optimization. After the layout is good, now the most important thing is to look at a few of our staff promotion efforts. No rules no Cheng Fangyuan, so I wrote this plan, we provided half a month to do what position, included how much, how many outside the chain, then put this as a performance appraisal, let everyone have a strong sense of crisis, truly realizes the importance of work. read more

2: website content

what is the site observation period, this is actually a kind of search engine algorithm love Shanghai unique, popular will love Shanghai included in the website will carry out a series of observations on the website. What love Shanghai during this period in the observation of what? Oh, the main observation or your web server is stable, the website is updated every day, website content is acquisition or repetition. The general observation period in 15 days, 30 days, during this period of time if the site is updated daily, your server is stable, the basic passed, this is when you’re waiting for love to Shanghai every day included in your read more

second, on site analysis. Here, two aspects should. One is the analysis of the data type. For example, the bounce rate of statistical tools, the bounce rate is closely related to the quality of. Let every one of your friends can happily write comments published.

so, what is the carved beams, carved beams why our energy when? Where?

is talking about this issue, because I see a lot of friends in Shanghai dragon in the early work after confusion. The general problem is that when the website ranking is excellent and stable after, if we continue to send the chain such as when, for Links, write text, blog, etc. of the chain work continue to invest? Here, the author’s view is that the soil base is precious, carved beams of higher price. During this period, the chain work should gradually decrease, rather than investment and now even more than the current energy level. read more

will have what effect? Two, Although The strategy of globalization will make

we give an example to illustrate this possibility, we optimize the business English is Google, many domestic companies will undertake Google, we search for a keyword, ranking domestic companies with foreign company website are often appear in the Google site.

so we turn to look at once love Shanghai, love Shanghai to go abroad, some foreign companies to expand their business to Chinese, is bound by the love of Shanghai Chinese largest search engine promotion platform, Shanghai dragon Er face not just is the domestic competition. read more

season, but also by many candidates called black June. However, this year became the webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er are black in June, June 28, 2012, that is yesterday, Shanghai began to love crazy K station, the author of a web site also unfortunately caught. Rankings and included the moment wood, I certainly didn’t use what method of cheating. Has always been honest to do optimization, online just to see many webmaster friends also wrote articles, analysis of the reasons for the love of Shanghai large-scale K station, Shanghai Phoenix Forum and QQ group on everyone to talk about this topic. Think carefully, love Shanghai database error is not what, what kind of problems exposed in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners from this thing? In addition to the Shanghai dragon practitioners website optimization, the most fundamental is the optimization of yourself. read more

thanks to A5 can provide such a good platform for the novice to learn Shanghai Longfeng exchange opportunities, I also like all who contributes to stay the same as a link to www.gouqipifa贵族宝贝 please keep, thanks to the support of

Ding thought I was a little worried, because he is very busy because not often gave me instructions, he called me in contact with A5, why and other famous Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon forum and Cardiff, graph king and Jiang Hui’s business experience and video tutorials, I will spend most of their time each day in the study, what is the relevance of content, original and pseudo original, included, and so on have never heard of the second term (this is a website impression, no further understanding of income). Plus I Ding exchange, front fog suddenly clear a lot. In the preparation of their own, and started a new round of registration, posting replies (Bo Wen) – (Bo Wen), plus occasional writing is very difficult to get out of the original articles and pseudo original article, I practice the station slowly with the ranking, she was very excited – before posting boring and ID blocked troubles Suifengerqu read more

first, looking from the site at the bottom of the optimization method. Many webmaster focus only on the label, keywords deployment optimization details, the fact that the site is like a patient, the patient when the surgery is regarded as hopeless. is the best solution, the site is also a reason, the bottom mainly refers to the website structure and code optimization, for example, get a new station, we must carry on redundancy optimization the template code, adjust or change, and the details of the home page keyword layout optimization. These are part of the bottom of the site belongs to the category of optimization. read more

because the busy station to buy the station, there is a period of time without submission in a5. This time has been thinking a lot about the optimization problem, the tutorial is mentioned in a problem, that is to adhere to the original article. I’m thinking about our webmaster friends how many people stick with the original, and stick with the original friend, you stand really can bring benefits. Here I want to discuss it with you on the original site.

In fact,

submitted in Shanghai and on the interface are noble baby there is such a word of advice on the website. The website to keep the unique content. What is the unique content? I think the unique content must be original, but the original is not unique. The search engine is actually the weight to the original weights from the unique content. If an article just said the views of others, do not have their own unique insights, even if this article is original, but the content is not the search engine needs. Some friends in order to maintain the uniqueness of his collection of articles to modify, listen to a friend said last time he managed to deceive the search engine that is reproduced in the original content: it is a word more appeared in an article about the replacement. Use pictures or other words to replace. Such a sacrifice in exchange for the different keywords. This is like when playing online games some words have been blocked, but can be dismantled or separated with a reason to let it show. But this effect is not ideal. Is not necessarily a good ranking, especially for users reflect the effect will be very poor. So I think that these games do not play well. When I want to add a keyword in the article in the article will use symbolic cue readers, this is independent of the keyword and paragraphs. This can not only increase the number of keywords, but also can improve the user experience. read more

web site included decreased conjecture one of reasons: the original article audit efforts to strengthen

web site included decreased conjecture three reasons: love Shanghai judge original defects in

Er were found in the website of Shanghai dragon love in Shanghai included the amount of decline at the same time, also observed a phenomenon that most of the anti chain is also a sharp decline. Therefore, love Shanghai increased foreign chain quality assessment. Before a lot of backlinks website to stand up to love Shanghai evaluation mechanism, withdraw from the tournament, it was a cruel society a strong constant. The chain is greatly reduced, more or less affect the included and included quantity problem. read more

Now many webmaster

search engine at this stage can not be judged content of humanity quality, so the "end of the chain is king" era is too ideal.

, please keep the link.

search engine quality index through the website external links and the number of the chain to the final judgment of the site search ranking connection index.

now many webmaster do not have the professional knowledge of related industries, the editor of the article may be biased, not the viewer is willing to read some articles, and it is ER Shanghai dragon edited text, although the content is not long but talk about them or not to discuss. Therefore, the operator of the website should have the relevant industry knowledge. read more

, a new station should choose competitive small

This new

now many novice webmaster learning Shanghai Longfeng, are walking the road of practice and ethics, which is the most effective method of Shanghai Dragon Technology promotion. I will share with you my own experience: Learning in Shanghai dragon after a period of time in the boss’s encouragement, start a station hand, is a message class website, because they love to send text messages, according to their own interests to make a stand, is to let oneself can unremittingly. Keywords mining and selection, but also spent a lot of time to observe, then every day staring at the love Shanghai index, a key, a key input, and finally selects 5 of the most popular keywords, the SMS, SMS, mobile phone, SMS blessing SMS, SMS platform to laugh these words as the site of the title. Beginning with the majority of owners confidence, are published by an article published his manual; but everyone is good times don’t last long, with an inert, did not see keywords ranking, flow or single digits, although is a hobby, but when it is difficult to adhere to. read more