then went to the last article, "station search two," to continue with the content of the structure and framework.

5, and then consider the arrangement of query results


, our station search completed the keyword analysis matching process, and now we want to sort out the good results. And the precise relevance ranking is the sign of full search. Most of the like query using SQL statement search is based on shelf time, according to sales, according to the price of a simple sort.

refers to the sort by relevance through the analysis of query relevance decision between keywords and text sorting, B2C search results sorting rules, should consider the following factors (brief introduction, far more than the: read more

believes in a website "sensitive word" is not clear is not strange, many webmaster to sensitive word filtering management often enabled, there is also a business sensitive word filtering, serious business sensitive words even after the site is not opened for the webmaster, when users submit articles also appear sensitive words cannot submit, users will be how to do it! The following share from the user’s point of view as a webmaster enabled sensitive word filtering and sensitive word filtering businesses to reduce the user experience the consequences. read more

at the very beginning, I was the webmaster’s original intention is because I am not good at talking, and just out of school, in the process of work, many ideas are not paid attention to, the most important thing is my work is also doing web site. Depressed for some time, I think, why not do personal webmaster, do their own free time?. Do your own website, your own ideas can be achieved, completely in accordance with their own ideas to practice. That’s what it was like:

first, I can teach myself the Internet knowledge of the system. read more

by the 2 day of the QQ group to promote my new 51 look after I found a problem, a lot of new store manager for promotion is really utterly ignorant of today I put the most simple way to learn the best forum to promote the store manager who share with beginners.

first go to some products with their own relatively high relevance of the forum, or there is ah, Taobao and other communities, and in these forums, generally have your potential customers section. After the finished registration does not mean that you can go directly to AD because some registered forum you can go to some BBS posts, there is a time limit, will limit you in long time before they can go to hair, some BBS need to certification to post, put their own account can get posted. Anyway, you can let yourself post first. read more

[editor’s note] the author, Mark Praschan, is a web designer with nearly ten years of experience, a Web developer, and a Web project manager. The emphasis on complex high-level effects can add to the design, but if used incorrectly, it only affects the user’s attention to key content. The advanced effect may be just a good design shock, but even then, it needs some simpler results to work with.

simple effects and techniques are the building blocks of today’s design. For example, if you don’t know how to choose the right colors and text effects, what’s the use of brilliant starlight? read more

when people have been accustomed to eating food, the most attractive but become a vegetable farm soil, burning method with the traditional pollution-free food is a sign of people’s pursuit of healthy life. Nowadays, investing in a local restaurant has no money? What is the investment advice to local restaurant?

"taxi" driver is a city of a visible scenery, although they are so rush, but they are also ordinary people have to eat, rest. May wish to open a taxi driver restaurant, I believe the market outlook is good. read more

China since ancient times, have to emulate the statement, reference to the successful experience and learn from others. Reference to who, how to refer to, this requires a standard, with an approximate criterion, more easily inductive, but also easy to learn.

these two days in organizing Phoenix before the organization of the Chinese Forum on the top 100 ranking, A5 forum has been a lot of user support, won the forty-eighth ranking results. Although this result is not absolute, but at least represents a standard, see the members of the support and love of the forum. Ranking is a change criteria, can indirectly see the development of the industry as a whole, but also see which opponents are more worthy of learning from. read more

algorithm 2 Baidu to further suppress Scindapsus the importance of the chain, this is bad news for a lot before optimization personnel, many owners have begun to honestly do station, but do station can have the effect? Xiaobian tell you today, the station can also ask for the moon! The following small combine personal experience for everyone in detail: how to through the station optimization a 20~30 word index in half a month to do three.

, first of all, make sure that all the data presented in this article is true, designed to give the webmaster a little experience. Cut the conversation short and we get to the point. read more

goods transit network on June 3rd issued a "regional O2O is sinking, the local community forum will usher in new opportunities for" one article, which referred to the local community forum Hangzhou 19 Building recently completed a $60 million financing; in O2O development is a downward trend under the background of regional and local communities on the altar by virtue of the local market understanding. Create a community atmosphere and make users form a sense of belonging, ushered in new opportunities for the development of O2O. As a typical representative of the local community forum, Hangzhou 19 floor is not known to many people, but regardless of all considerations, Hangzhou 19 floor is called a very good enterprise. In this paper, the transit network it achieved as much rendering, to objectively reflect the development of the. read more

Since the

website in China since the popular wind, Wangzhuan has become a very hot topic, how to do Wangzhuan? How to make money? This is many webmaster friends asked questions, and want to know the problem. There are a lot of Wangzhuan mode, do stand group is one of them, do station group, can enlarge the flow, imagine a station three hundred or four hundred traffic, if 10 stations that at least five thousand of the traffic, if it is 50, 100 stations, so traffic is huge, and this what brings you interest is maximum. read more

Where do

forum has been more than a year, has been in a jar half-dead state, for the record of the turmoil was shut down for 1 months, has not how to management, but still let him there, because I believe there is a chance, just as people have the opportunity to live, an active and loyal member may save a jar, this is very possible oh, we posted on the Yuyao forum from the previous less than 20 broke through the posting date now more than 500, while in the eyes of many people still look very small, I also feel less, but at the moment still achieved a breakthrough, of course there is a long road ahead, we will continue to work hard. read more

if you go to promote a website, so the promotion of forum estimates will be listed as the focus of most people, there are two reasons, one is SEO, the chain, in order to drainage and the right, the other one is our target customers in the relevant forum relatively concentrated, make our the promotion effect is maximized, so if you want to be responsible for the operation of the site is an industry forum or a local forum, how do you do


city is often asked: "I want to do XX forum, but how should design the plate and how to do promotion ah, how can gather more users and keep the forum atmosphere and so on, then today he wrote a long empty article to give friends a way to reassure. In this forum do not talk about positioning, just talk about the operation of the forum. read more

just saw the notification of domain name management yesterday, and the 1 yuan CN domain name will live until 2008.12.31 a.m., looking back on how many websites you’ve made in your life,


has just entered Wangzhuan circle often hear predecessors say " garbage station, do regular station or burn " can be understood as the normal station less money, the cycle is long, slow. A lot of hard personal webmaster may have deep understanding, our hard work of small websites every day to update, but always so hundreds of people visit. Hang GG every day, only poor half dollar knife income. read more

with the popularization of computer and network, the local community site now has a good basis for the masses, so if the operation method is proper, it can create decent profits, data show that the local community website now a lot of profit the size of more than one hundred thousand yuan or more, some even more than one million yuan the local county community, potential visible or very large


local community website operation key is for the local user appeal, and in the surrounding areas of the absorption of users, and scattered throughout the country to work or business people’s attention, on the one hand to the user group continued to expand, on the other hand, the cultural content through the characteristics of the people of the county around the country to gather in the local community website, and all this, in addition to the design and optimization of the website, through efficient offline activities, is also very important. The following I will talk about the county community website how to build efficient offline activities of the three steps! read more

hot news multi angle hype

when a sudden event occurs, many local portals will be reprinted to maintain a certain search rate and exposure. But the fact is that, in the face of a sudden and influential public events, in order to improve the visibility of local portals, we must make speculation from another angle. For some negative news speculation, should pay attention to play a guiding role in news events for a positive, negative news events through a comprehensive analysis to find desirable positive publicity, then the system of press speculation, can often play a greater publicity effect. As for the positive public events, it needs the website to carry on the thorough and deep study report, and stand out from many same news event reports, so as to realize the goal of "slight speculation". But if there is no such influential news events, local portal site how to hype it? It can start from the positioning of the site, to engage in an eye-catching but also gives users a practical activity to ongoing speculation reported. Of course, the topics of these speculation should be news and universality, so that we can really achieve the purpose of speculation. The local portal site to realize fair and complete, high-quality information service function, it must base on reality and do some combination of news hype events, the best choice is related to people’s livelihood event, better effect. But all the hype must have boundaries and principles, otherwise it will be more harm than good. read more

with the rapid development of the Internet, the station is no longer what happens, network construction companies from fast growing into mature period, and even a sign of recession, how to keep their market share, to win lasting development is many site of the company is thinking of the problem. I have worked in the Internet industry for many years. Today I would like to talk briefly about how the company will achieve sustained development and what will be the bright future?

Internet speed faster than we think much, now that is no longer ignorant of the times, as long as you can surf the net just to find a classified information website can solve the network construction problem, and the price is cheaper, resulting in the loss of a large number of customer network construction company. Network construction company there is a problem that is the site of long production cycle, the tail section. These two reasons lead to the overall performance of the company’s decline, the development is in the doldrums. Net construction company has one of the biggest drawbacks: the overall salary of employees is low, large turnover of personnel, which is one of the reasons for the loss of customers. read more


only home, I believe that many webmaster have such experience, indeed, in the webmaster nets, the laggards ah, people often ask this question, of course I also once asked where, but I told you I never find a solution. You want to ask is not master it, of course not, but each station is not the same as other methods are not necessarily suitable for you, so you have the same problem, or rely on their brains to find the reason, they stand their most clearly, what changes ah, ah collection etc.. read more

what is the vitality of the site? I would like to say what is the vitality of the site, I think life is the source of power, is to promote the better development of the site. Specific to the form of expression is how to better attract users, improve traffic and bring profits, which should be studied from the user’s browsing needs and how to meet this demand. Those who leave these basic things, and talk about the surface of the site, content, forms are empty talk.

The progress of

TV and the change of user’s habit of watching TV are basically because of the change of user’s demand. When the Internet was just beginning, users didn’t have any special purpose on the Internet. Just like when they just started to have TV, they just looked at a few websites (the portal appeared at this time, they had everything). Later, people slowly began to have higher requirements, I hope to see you want to see, because the knowledge structure of interest each person’s hobbies are not the same, so the main contents of the website also began to learn the news, subdivision, shopping, entertainment, commercial, tools, games, and seeking to communicate AC, fresh and exciting. (industry professional website website began to appear) now website subdivision is not enough, can according to their own advantages in the subdivision and then some effort, in fact, as long as in any segments of a boss, success is not far away from you. read more

When talking to an older Internet user,

said, "if your micro-blog account has 1000 traffic, it’s worth 1000 more traffic than your website.". Some people say that the Internet will move toward integration open direction, that is to say, the future of the platform is the sharing of resources, such as Sina, micro-blog and micro-blog have set up Tencent into perfect platform, we must make good use of small sites to know there is no ability to build a similar platform, that will only face failure. And now that the platform is available, how can we use read more

himself has been a local forum for 5 years, from 2007 until now, when local forums were not so rampant. The biggest feeling for 5 years is that if you don’t have the time and energy, don’t be a local forum. Don’t spray your personal opinions.

1: times change. Micro-blog, WeChat, post bar, and the impact of the mobile internet. Interest in the forum is getting lower and lower. For the small people like us. We can’t accept the complexity of the forum. More inclined to like the stick micro-blog, such a simple operation of things. read more