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on the management policy, business incubators are built around, as Chinese "Silicon Valley" in Zhongguancun is the choice of many entrepreneurs, China the entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, enterprise is continuing and the upward trend. So why do Chinese entrepreneurs go to Silicon Valley?

  why very worried at the beginning of 2016 went to Silicon Valley and why? The consumption of heart effort arranged full 15 day trip to


"brush face" visit the 26 Silicon Valley chiefs, DST Milner, Google, Yang Zhiyuan, YAHOO skin guess YC incubator SAM, Andrews father Andy  Rubin…… Do not let entrepreneurs dig a penny, deep into the 18 most prestigious enterprises to visit, exchange, closed door talks. In apple, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Tesla, twitter, YC incubator…… What do Chinese entrepreneurs want to learn read more

food market competition in everybody be obvious to people, but Xiaobian that not because of competition will shrink, people should have a fearless spirit of young people, so that they can have the opportunity to succeed. What can do the catering sector to join the project investment cost, the opportunity to make money, Xiaobian tell you about Liao casserole can do this, in many restaurants, choose a good investment projects in order to seize the initiative in the market, thus to a rich road. What project investment is small and can get rich, join in the Liao to talk about casserole rice is a wise choice. In order to attract consumers to obtain profits, do not want to get rich is difficult ah! read more

women like to do hair, hair salon is a place frequented by women, a good hair salon chain, lot advantage is very obvious. This article will be from the hair salon chain store location techniques to analyze, to provide some reference, generally do these, hairdressing chain business will be better.

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is not everyone’s first venture can be successful, only to adhere to see the dawn of victory. Rent two villas open shop before the three venture did not make money make money from the fourth start the mother hope son graduate Xu Hongbin, at the Ningbo University Institute of information on 4, neotenous he was general manager of a trading company, a monthly sales of over 900 thousand, the profit is about 200 thousand shop, store baby supplies.

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there is no good goods, it is difficult to open a shop. Shop sooner or later, especially clothing stores, as long as you have a good source of goods, a good service system, then you will certainly be able to get a quick success shop. Clothing store purchasing skills for the owner, it is important to master!

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almost all the major shopping malls in the current, folder doll machine is a very popular entertainment gadgets, and people like to play is also very much, so as to be able to bring no small profits. Because of this, there are a lot of investors want to operate the doll machine. So, the operation of grasping doll machine to make money?

folder doll machine first took root in the Asian market, as early as most of the plush dolls placed, so there is a folder doll, folder doll, said the young people and children are welcome. read more

healthy choice is always very popular with the choice of naive entrepreneurial projects, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very business choice. What about her tea drink? Healthy good drink, healthy good choice!

drinks are people in leisure time and a few friends together to drink a good place to chat, now there are many high streets and back lanes drink shops, let people on the streets tired good places to stop the foot rest. Drinks are not only able to quench thirst for people, but also a symbol of a fashionable drink. Beverage brands in the market in the end what kind of drink to drink authentic taste of tea drinks by her is one of the more popular food drinks, every day there are countless people lined up to be consumed. Now she chose to learn tea drinks, the future of entrepreneurship do not worry customers, consumers will naturally choose this hot market brand. read more

the development trend of Chinese fast food? This is a lot of food and beverage people look in the eyes of the matter, the development of a fast, especially now the advent of the Internet era, the development of more accelerated fast food. Pan master of Chinese fast food has always been to "promote the Chinese delicacy, creating distinctive food culture" as its mission, is committed to the inheritance and development of Chinese style restaurant, has inherited and developed a variety of flavors of Chinese fast food, exquisite Qingkou dishes and other specialty products, and collocation nutrition porridge, fine tea, pure cold drinks, for the majority of customers with the read more

with the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the car has become the main means of transport, but also began to enter thousands of households. Accompanied by a sudden rise in the automotive industry, the market prospects. Select the automotive beauty industry, the choice of the sunrise industry, does not mean that we can succeed. First, choose a good location is the foundation of success, is different from other industries, it is suitable for the operation of the car maintenance, whether the structure or store conveniently to carry out various projects and so on are troubled by the problem of the operators. read more

business has become the people often talk about the topic, but in nowadays, there are still many entrepreneurs do not know how to choose a suitable entrepreneurial projects, along with the continuous development of economy, people’s material consumption level has been largely improved, with the price rise in the cost of business continue to increase, then as an underwear business agent, what needs attention?

A, not free to choose the brand must choose standard

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Before the

society is admitted to the university will be able to have a good future, can have a secure job, but now the time is different, even if students do not necessarily have a good future, entrepreneurship is that people can have a good future, there is such a college students choose entrepreneurship raise, then her business? Come and see.

2010 years, graduated from the University of Yongchuan back to the back of a small Qin Qin line, took up the piano while selling, while doing piano training class life. At the very beginning, she used to be in the hot sun in the streets, leaflets, "a person to do all the things". Soon, she successfully enrolled ten or twenty students.

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local governments take different forms to promote the development of local enterprises and talents. The day before, Inner Mongolia is listed on the shoubian ceremony 50 business model shop, in recognition of these businesses in the spirit of innovation to promote the development of regional economy and job market. And in order to create an entrepreneurial social atmosphere in the community, to encourage SMEs to promote innovation.

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this is a good age of online business, Tencent cloud continuously launched a major positive policy, the purpose is to provide entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial cloud support reliable, so that novices can also enjoy helping reliable, easy to embark on the road of entrepreneurship.

cloud + entrepreneurship, entrepreneur welfare

continuous output

the Tencent launched the latest cloud support program includes the following policies:

wide point promotion flow:

cloud + business plan members can get 1-5 million wide point promotion expenses. For business support enterprise cloud Tencent WeChat self-service application payment access and launched by Tencent after the audit, summary of the application in the cloud and APP ID, by the person responsible for the corporate audit list of WeChat payment application. When the Tencent cloud enterprises settled in APP and other online payment scenarios to access WeChat after payment default payment or payment first show WeChat WeChat, you can get 1-5 million motohiro by direct promotion resources, businesses can in the application of treasure registered account and upload qualified APP, then the money can be used for multi platform Tencent APP Download promotion. read more

global warming is not only harmful to the environment, but also to a lot of businesses have brought some trouble. Such as clothes shop boss in order to feel miserable, huge inventory care-laden, "stock agent" came into being, new business, set off a new upsurge of joining.

in the clothing market, inventory is a prominent problem is the leisure clothing field, because the style is out of short period, ranging from five, the old was "limbo", there are inventory backlog. For the entire garment industry, excessive inventory has become a serious problem affecting the development of the industry. read more

who doesn’t want to keep more repeat customers? However, repeat customers are not saying that they want to have it, which depends on the choice of the customer’s own shopping. With the development of society, people’s consumption concept has changed from "commodity demand" to "shopping enjoyment". In the past, the majority of consumers into the store just to buy the goods they need, this is a kind of pure pursuit of material, and now consumers into the store and perhaps not in the pursuit of material, as well as their spiritual needs. read more

snacks, from the name of our Chinese people can feel the most critical thing is to eat snacks, delicious items can not be called snacks. Do snack business, the taste of the product is very important, good things can be loved by consumers. Personalized features delicious, Dongguan is auspicious hamburger stores to attract a large number of loyal fans, good brand, good reputation, Dongguan is auspicious hamburger can bring greater market and more popular


is a very special auspicious Dongguan hamburger brand, here you can not only taste the authentic Chinese Hamburger, you can also enjoy the characteristics of Xiao Ji two products are cold noodle, with unique characteristics, and you can eat together, taste more, this is the brand of free diet collocation. read more

business is certainly not very simple things, in the process of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs should continue to develop their own quality, the fact that not everyone is suitable for business, then, in the end what people suitable for business, entrepreneurs need to have what characteristic?

the first to have the spirit of innovation.

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