wrote a lot of practical articles before the blog, today I would like to change a topic to talk about our blog every day at the foot of the comments. To easily do a little reading blog comments.

I think

first loose blog (SS) is not a light on SEO techniques host mode, because if it is SS to do a SEO based diagnosis will also have a lot of suggestions, after all, is the site blog mode, tactical flagship blog system is the content of dialysis and access to information, rather than the pursuit of word capacity and like electricity supplier as function conversion. So, look from the exterior to the blog system is taking the route is simple and practical, China can not say not more users get Pro poor. This is to do blog marketing is a friend to be aware of. read more

entrepreneurs in the air is easy to obtain financing from the capital side, but when the tide receded, many O2O class business model after market testing, found that the business model can not achieve long-term profitability and bankruptcy. To some extent, reflects the need for good precipitation project, the air is not a sufficient condition for success.

since the beginning of the second half of 2015, the winter capital, valuation diving, financing slowdown and other negative words appeared in the capital market, such as the O2O class of startups become fashionable for a time like this once famous star company, fall in the winter under the impact of silent. read more

Ma Jiajia recently made a share, the topic is: how to create a personality in the process of the brand? Because she had sex toys sold hot Internet thinking in the Internet, now she is a female founder of High community. Sharing is still a lot of dry cargo, there is no use to see everyone!

I am very serious autistic people, most of the time in the observation of the surrounding things, my perception so than the people around several times, I have the ability to write and creative personality. So, what I share today is: how to create a personality in the process of making a brand? read more

How to view the

website promotion? From the site to let customers upload to browse? In the past, because many people do not understand what is the website promotion, network marketing, or unheard of. Some people say that if the site promotion and site as a process, so just stick a small part in the whole process, that is to say most of the other will stand with you more time and effort, including website operation, website maintenance, website promotion.

every hour of every day will have do not remember the number of sites in the network, your site is like a reality in the vast sea of humanity in you, then who will pay attention to you? We make site became investment information island, is more sorry we missed partners, missed opportunities, miss the development of. In this era of the Internet spread rapidly throughout the world, network promotion is doubly important. In this way, we will be able to let more people know us, close to us, and be free from the limitations of time and space. So, what should we do? read more

whether you copy text more persuasive, or the products have outstanding, if unable to attract the attention of consumers, advertising cannot succeed. Most advertising experts agree that the key to success is to win the attention.

no matter what kind of forms of advertising, readers first impression — that is, they see the first image to read the first sentence, or hear the first voice, may be the key to the success or failure of the advertisement.

if the first impression is of no interest or no correlation with their own, so, the advertisement may not attract the sales target; but if the advertisement provides new information or useful information, or read the ad promises to bring benefits, so the first impression will win the attention – this is the first step to convince the reader the purchase of goods. read more


chain, is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of the website ranking, ranking has a direct relationship with the chain, so how to increase the chain is every webmaster are concerned about the topic, then took over the webmaster how to send the chain, this is a very easy thing to do, there are a lot of people will not to regard it as right, who will not send the chain, as a webmaster in this area there are many such cases, we do not know how, I will tell you about is hoping to get support, the hair of the chain also has the knowledge, skills, technology, outside the chain, so many outside the site the vote, not good is equivalent to their own web site with the chain, do. Below I will void the chain and high quality of the chain to talk about personal opinion. A lot of the chain is not able to attract crawling spider, such as QQ space, some people like to work hard in the QQ space, so that the start of a very good effect instead of wasting their time, there is no meaning. To my point of view is to do in the blog on the chain is a good place, Baidu transmission weight fast. In fact, I am not very understanding of the Internet, so that we tell you a good news, the case, you can search in Baidu polyacrylamide, the word you can be in the fourth is my. It is only Baidu, Baidu experience, what I actually just do 1 months now flow more than 1 thousand, because the product of water treatment, it should be in the water treatment work, you might suspect you blow it: how can a even the content is not updated the station there is such a good ranking? Oh actually can update is to let Baidu love, you write the article well, Baidu love if not written by Baidu is not love, writing is a skill, do not believe? You go to the Baidu search for "flocculant" is the first row of aies. Or you hit Shanghai polyacrylamide I have been the first, this is a very hot keywords. From another point of view. You look at the Airplus station make connection? But I also felt his station are very cattle! Tieling rush rush rush Dalian Chaoyang Jilin Liaoyuan Fushun qq839082377 Accreditation Accreditation Accreditation Accreditation Accreditation in Benxi Liaoyang Tieling Chaoyang Jilin Accreditation Accreditation Accreditation Accreditation Accreditation qq839082377 Dalian Liaoyuan Fushun office Benxi Liaoyang accreditation certificate   read more

wrote before the words

for a long time, I heard the rumors of a word: "at one time, the choice is more important than to do." In addition in a webmaster general assembly, heard China well-known webmaster beard brother also said a word, the theme of the website choose to choose small, large radiation! Who is his brother as a beard, to guess good!


housewife network selection tangled

I did the entertainment station, closed, do local classification information, yaosibuhuo. Game SNS, it’s just a flash in the pan. read more

at the end of 2009, I should be the director of the Xi’an post office in Changan District to participate in the electronic commerce king invited to give seminars. At the meeting to share their online marketing experience to mention this sentence – shop promotion, never do the silent majority.

has heard such a story: President Bush and the British Prime Minister to talk about things, when the United States Secretary of state came, very curious to ask what they are talking about. "We’re talking about the fate of one thousand Iraqis and a homeless man," said Bush". read more

2014, micro business barbaric growth, almost people think WeChat is trying to do their own dead. Fortunately, when about to enter 2015, whether it is business practitioners, line the store owner or the official WeChat, all to see the chaos behind the derivative nature, that is, advertising is a story of eternal life. For new entrants, trying to rely on the layers of the stockpile, expected million per month can only be a "willful" dream. Farewell to the concept of marketing, micro business into the era of plough. read more

in China, the Internet industry is a fully competitive industry, recently has been a private enterprise in the world (foreign companies withdrew due to various reasons, but few have heard) state-owned enterprises well implemented Internet plus strategy. So what are the reasons? Is there any possible path for this paper to do a simple analysis.

first, the traditional business of state-owned enterprises in particular, the negative impact of the Internet thinking analysis

said the Internet of state-owned enterprises unfavorable factors, casually can say a lot, such as: read more