1, Sina micro-blog Pathfinder social online shopping payment platform was


millet phone micro-blog online shopping has been officially started yesterday, the user can be achieved directly from micro-blog to pay a one-stop shopping. December 19th 10 am to at 24 on December 20th, Sina micro-blog millet mobile phone to open an appointment to buy an appointment, and on the official opening of sales at noon on December 21st, 12. The micro-blog online shopping has a total of 50 thousand millet phone 2, are 16G version. read more

personal investment and financial income considerable attractive behind the promise, often hidden gold scam. Mr. Huang, Guangdong, Zhongshan fell into the trap". At the end of March this year, he passed a venture capital financial macro website, a month after the investment of several million yuan, the site suddenly shut down, unable to contact.

received a report after Mr. Wong, Zhongshan police investigation, successfully arrested 3 suspects. As of the time they were arrested, they defrauded more than 1000 yuan of funds, the victims of more than 90 people, all over Guangdong, Shanghai and other provinces and cities. read more

is a website in order to survive and develop, not only need to have knowledge and skills Webmaster Station Network, search engine optimization ability, more need to understand the customer, have some sales related social psychology effect, understand the network marketing, network marketing. A successful webmaster, should be compound talents, in order to ease the network tide. This article will introduce eight and site sales are closely related to the social psychology effect, for the webmaster reference. read more

in the traditional sense refers to the commodity selling point has hitherto unknown, out of the ordinary characters or create new styles. These features and characteristics, is a product of innate, on the other hand is creativity through marketing planning imagination, to produce "out of thin air". In the network promotion Zero the word "selling point" is understood as a unique "propaganda point"". Such as Zero’s PHP blog with "zero" as the site’s publicity, such publicity will stir up those who did not enter and are preparing to enter the industry of great interest. Site selling point of excavation, is the initial stage of network promotion, but also the most important stage of network promotion. How to successfully tap the selling point of a site, the site is very important for the latter part of the promotion. So how to successfully tap a website propaganda point Zero think should do the following: read more

do not know whether there are many sellers have such idea, by changing one of the core elements of his own shop, it was immediately turned upwards, profits are constantly entering their alipay. Then really do make easy money, not every day because the store performance is not good, no direction and sad.

I have had this idea, and has been searching for, from the beginning of the internal construction of shops, to give greater efforts to the promotion, have been looking for, how can let consumers in their own shop to buy something to feel the loss. read more

  strong economic growth in the network era, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to network marketing opportunities that exist, especially a lot of capital and technology strength did not approach the big enterprise of small and medium-sized enterprises, have to reach out to the field of network marketing, to explore more potential customers with less cost here. Unfortunately, at present, many small business owners do not quite understand the network promotion, and some even think that spend thousands or even ten thousand dollars to build a corporate website is doing network marketing. Such conditions resulting in tens of thousands beyond count, the enterprise website or flooded every year, the normal operation of the most also did not give full play to the role of the website. read more

[Abstract] car set treasure is used car to sell network bidding O2O platform.


technology news (Xiang Xin) August 10th news, second-hand car O2O platform car set treasure announced that it has completed the joint investment led by Jiuding capital, Adams capital, Gobi with investment amounted to 300 million yuan B round of financing. Tencent technology can not confirm the accuracy of the financing amount.

it is reported that this round of financing in the first half of 2015 has been completed, after the car set treasure in September 2014 to get 20 million yuan venture capital investment in the A round of Gobi. read more

compared to last year’s electricity supplier capital boom, in 2016, many people in the industry known as the capital of the winter, in 2015 the 35 Unicorn companies, have slowed the pace of financing this year. This also let yesterday announced in the "new babe network business, new pattern, new forces" babe Network Strategy Conference to complete the huge D round of financing, and announced its low-key in September 15 has completed the C+ round of news is particularly remarkable. It is reported that the investment for the new horizon, the northern lights, today the capital and Gao Rong capital and other well-known venture capital institutions, by the Thai capital acted as financial advisor. read more

website promotion is not blind, and not according to what you can, but also must extrapolate, we must continue thinking and summing up on the data analysis in summary and progress, only through their own data analysis in order to know exactly what you need to do, how to do. In the process of promoting the site, especially professional website promotion and maintenance personnel must also pay attention to the capital

in front of liushuizhang blog said in an article "novice website promotion points" may be useful to everyone, pay attention to the details of website promotion, also must pay attention to the accumulation of resources. read more

Internet subversion of the traditional business model and thinking, almost all areas of intergenerational renewal phenomenon. For many years, have you been plagued by the following problems?

brand image is poor, the lack of core competitiveness of products, low customer loyalty, market development difficulties, etc..

if you are the boss of a skin care product, to do marketing promotion for new products, which way do you choose?

A. every day to members (including new and old customers) to send text messages and e-mail, prompting new listing. read more