lead: the British "Financial Times" online edition wrote today, as more and more users start using ad blockers, a threat to the survival of the network publishers, for a network advertising battle has quietly begun.

below is the full text of the article:

an electronic war has quietly started, one side is the Internet users, the other is the market size of up to $120 billion in the online advertising industry.

of course, the online advertising market is unlikely to be enemies with the Internet users, their real opponent is the use of Internet users advertising shield. It is estimated that about 140 million Internet users around the world use AdBlock Edge and Adblock Plus and other software to block web advertising. Adobe and PageFair’s study showed that the number of people using this type of shielding software grew by 70% last year. read more

in recent years, more and more design as a background picture fills the entire screen once more popular, fashion photography class site or site will be particularly dependent on the great impact of image, but now almost any type of website are likely to use this picture as the background. Whether it’s a beautifully printed magazine, poster, or ad, the big picture has been able to capture people’s attention, so it’s interesting to apply the same approach to web design.

the following 30 sites are using a large picture as the background of the design style, hoping to give you a different design inspiration! read more

vulnerability reporting platform cloud millet forum database leaked

millet forum database leakage

millet forum database leak user data exposure

Download the

can be

leakage in SkyDrive millet forum database

yesterday evening, there are micro-blog users broke the news that the millet forum database leaked, spread in the hacker world, involving about 8 million data, mostly about 13 years old data. After dark cloud platform confirmed that the results indicate that the official data has indeed suffered a spill, affecting about 8 million registered users forum. read more

if the most hot industry, none other than non live. The next outlet of the industry in the eyes of entrepreneurs and investors in the past year, ushered crazy barbaric growth.

data show that as of June 2016, China’s online audience reached 325 million, accounting for the overall Internet users of 45.8%. At present, nearly 200 domestic online broadcast platform, and more than 80% of the companies have access to financing.

although 90% of the broadcast platform is A round of financing and its previous, but there is no lack of industry leaders. In August this year, announced the completion of Betta live 1 billion 500 million yuan C round of financing, investment and Tencent led by phoenix. Six months ago, they had received 670 million yuan B round of financing, Tencent invested 400 million yuan investment led. As of now, the fish has a total amount of financing more than 2 billion yuan. read more

recently, easy to car and opened a new round of subsidies, recharge return different proportion of cash, "selling combined with the music of other products, and give new users with greater subsidies.

in the travel market has been developing for several years under the background of new price subsidies to pull more and more low, when after the various opponents have begun the layout in the field of technology, travel extension algorithm, the first to enter the car market is still easy to stay in subsidies war in the car market, it got up early dry late. read more

Today, I intend to resolve the original domain name. For a web site. But go and open it. Domain name is still there, because it is registered in the domain name agent

so on, but I PING a bit. IP has changed. Not my server IP is someone else’s. I found a problem. To check WHOIS to know

have changed with the registration. Turned out to be DNs.com.cn now

Domain Name: changxiangaoyun.com.cn

ROID: 20070527s10011s82380312-cn

Domain Status: OK

Registrant MicroInfo Investments Organization: Ltd.

Registrant Name: Mark Kenneth

Administrative Email: akwholdings@yahoo.com

Sponsoring China Springboard Registrar: Inc.

Name Server:ns3.namerich.cn

Name Server:ns4.namerich.cn

Registration Date: 2007-05-27 19:51

Expiration Date: 2008-05-27 19:51

read more

I wanted to write this article

a long time ago, but has no time, today I put this thing to say, the first is to vent their emotions, the second is to tell everyone Bertelsmann ever hurt a young soul.

when I was in middle school, often see Bertelsmann advertisements in magazines, almost mainstream magazines can see its footprint, I also love to see the dream boy, and I was reading extracurricular books, where is a small town, no conditions to buy some good books, every time I see the book recommended by Bertelsmann there is a, the impulse to buy, at that time, the book is all of my life. read more

Research Report

Analysys International Analysys think tank released in Shenzhen on 21, the line mobile payment will usher in the outbreak, the scene from the original line direction will consume large financial transfers, remittances and Internet shopping gradually small and high frequency of development.


report pointed out that in 2014 the third party payment companies acquiring Internet transaction volume reached 88161 yuan, the third party payment companies acquiring Internet competition is relatively stable, according to the 2014 Chinese third party payment companies acquiring Internet transaction share, Alipay accounted for almost half of the country, accounting for 46.15%, caifutong accounted for 18.08%, China UnionPay online payment is 14.65%. read more

it is understood that by the end of 2012, the newly established network of credit unions in Shanghai will build overdue borrowers blacklist system, pat the loan in the union, Lu Jin and other institutions in the share of overdue borrowers in 10. Currently, the plan is being developed, will soon start the implementation of the fastest system in the year on-line.

For the problem of

network lending platform how to deal with the borrower overdue information, after the newspaper had "ppdai overdue user information collection" P2P exposure by sun? "(September 29, 2012 7 edition) as reported. read more

Abstract: the speed of the traditional brand of electricity supplier, far more than the traditional brand Amoy brand speed. With the next line of the brand overall business, the rapid popularization of mobile Internet, the future will not have the distinction of Amoy brand and line brand, the two will be integrated, that is the demise of the Amoy brand is the inevitable result of market development.

Amoy brand is a very interesting and very representative of China’s electricity supplier phenomenon. It is accompanied by the rise of Taobao platform was born, with the prosperity of Taobao platform to develop. The course of its development and decline, it can be said that China’s electricity supplier in the early growth of a condensed history. read more