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instrument domain once entered the RGP, you should pay special attention to it, on the 30 day after the end of the RGP, the domain name will be registered into the Bureau for 5 days, then entered the domain name cybersquatting period, can submit registration request. But the RGP period may be restored and return to a normal state, the domain name will lose the chance of cybersquatting.

start time for each state is determined by Update Date.

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now many industries need to do SEO, need to do the promotion, which involves things that are also very much, I also have contact with SEO for a period of time, I think some basic introductory knowledge spread out to share today, is mainly involved in the station optimization, because the conversion of these website optimization very useful.

is similar to a watch type site, due to the relatively high price, free washing table, free warranty period maintenance and many other factors also exist, so his characteristics of some different from other website details below simple sharing, I hope you give advice. read more

is on Friday, and this Friday is a little different. In the west, the fourth Friday of November, known as "black Friday", this is not a horror story, it is said that the so-called "black Friday", in fact, the United States is a major holiday shopping. A large number of Chinese consumers through the Internet to join the overseas double 11". Alipay sea Amoy platform influx of more than 1 million 700 thousand consumers, concentrated to major overseas shopping platform orders, total orders 12 hours have gone beyond the overall sum of last year five in the whole week the number of black, a black sea Amoy transaction records five. read more

e-commerce sites do SEO should pay attention to several aspects:

Ma Yun said a word: either electronic commerce, or no business can be. Today, e-commerce has become the first choice for many college students. The era of e-commerce achievements of Baidu, GOOGLE, the achievements of Taobao eBay, the achievements of the B2C shopping sites everywhere. Behind each website owners will be faced with the promotion of the problem, it can be said that the site has no threshold, the biggest threshold is to promote marketing. There are many ways to do network marketing, such as advertising in the portal station, do area, do blog marketing, do Baidu Google PPC, do promotion alliance. These methods have to spend money, small companies can not afford to burn money. So SEO has become the first choice, SEO’s fire makes a lot of SEO training institutions business hot, such as Wang Tong’s SEO training institutions, to understand (Dong Junfeng) online training, as well as under the banner of various types of SEO training institutions. Black and white SEO difficile true. read more

recently cosmetics store we continued to increase the drilling exhibition investment, from 6000 yuan, 8000 yuan, 10 thousand yuan, 16 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan in a stable increase, and click on the unit price from 3.35 yuan to 2 yuan to reduce the peak value of the lowest in August 27th, originally planned to invest 16 thousand yuan, the actual cost of 14 thousand and 500 yuan, click on the unit price is 2.31 yuan, the average rate is 0.27%, although click price is not the lowest, but the click rate is the recent high. By quantum Hengdao see the day into 129 pen, count the intelligent put the turnover of 1 pens, a total turnover of 130 pen, according to the calculation of single product 99 yuan, 198 yuan package, a conservative estimate of the input-output ratio has reached about 1:1.5. read more

today, the third session of the Hunan business conference smooth opening, attended the evening slumber party as Hunan electricity supplier, electricity supplier service providers I was thinking. Hu Guo, the speech to convey the province, city firm attitude to the development of the electricity supplier in Hunan and support policy, let me start thinking about what the government enterprises do not pay enough attention on their own or do not pay enough attention to the electricity supplier which led to a shortage of electricity power in Hunan. Here, I’d like to give my personal opinion. read more

Alibaba to Dongguan held small business big dreams network forum, selected ten outstanding Dongguan Fengyun network. It is reported that e-commerce help Dongguan processing trade transformation and upgrading, is one of the focus of the city’s economic work. Our city not only support the development of Alibaba and other large e-commerce platform, but also strongly support the development of local e-commerce.


e-commerce brings 90% orders

according to the framework agreement, the Dongguan municipal government and the Alibaba signed last year in the first year, both sides support the new Alibaba is used "chengxintong" service about 10000 of Dongguan’s foreign trade enterprises, to support about 2000 new Dongguan foreign trade enterprises to use the Alibaba "Chinese supplier export service. read more

from   grassroots College   group 20128088
Theme speaker [Liaoning] magic Kai (1058193)
on July 29, 2007

theme: how to quickly use the network resources for website promotion.

QQ as the main communication tool, with more than 200 million users.

today to talk about how to take advantage of this network, QQ users are scattered, we can not be one by one to promote, so how to conduct large-scale promotion, it is easy for us to think QQ group.

each of us do not have to add a group of more than and 10, we can do some funny personality pictures, this thing is very popular in the group.
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wrote a lot of practical articles before the blog, today I would like to change a topic to talk about our blog every day at the foot of the comments. To easily do a little reading blog comments.

I think

first loose blog (SS) is not a light on SEO techniques host mode, because if it is SS to do a SEO based diagnosis will also have a lot of suggestions, after all, is the site blog mode, tactical flagship blog system is the content of dialysis and access to information, rather than the pursuit of word capacity and like electricity supplier as function conversion. So, look from the exterior to the blog system is taking the route is simple and practical, China can not say not more users get Pro poor. This is to do blog marketing is a friend to be aware of. read more

entrepreneurs in the air is easy to obtain financing from the capital side, but when the tide receded, many O2O class business model after market testing, found that the business model can not achieve long-term profitability and bankruptcy. To some extent, reflects the need for good precipitation project, the air is not a sufficient condition for success.

since the beginning of the second half of 2015, the winter capital, valuation diving, financing slowdown and other negative words appeared in the capital market, such as the O2O class of startups become fashionable for a time like this once famous star company, fall in the winter under the impact of silent. read more