[Abstract]Flipkart development momentum is very rapid, in the past six months, an increase of 6000 employees, the total number of employees has reached twenty thousand.

Tencent technology Xu Anna reported on December 20th

today, India’s largest e-commerce retailer Flipkart announced the completion of this year’s third round of financing $700 million. Investors include the Russian investment fund DST Global, Singapore Government Investment Company GIC, tiger Global Fund, Iconiq Capital, etc.. After this round of financing, Flipkart to the Singapore accounting and Business Administration (ACRA) submitted a listing application. read more

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mobile phone, APP, select start sliding restaurant, browse menu, enter the address, after several minutes, a hot takeaway is to express your hands. This series has been the need for consumers Pro Pro, time-consuming activities, in recent years, has been the Internet era, the mouse and wheel alternative. O2O (Online to Offline) is the online to offline business model, since August is sweeping the entire food and beverage industry, the impact of the traditional food and beverage market. read more

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new "consumer protection law" (hereinafter referred to as the "law") formally implemented six months, the State Administration for Industry and commerce is gradually implement the seven days no reason to return policy.

yesterday (September 15th), the State Administration for Industry and Commerce held a new "consumer protection law" the first half of the work briefing, since the implementation of the first half of the new "law" to sum up the work. read more


has become an effective tool for network marketing. Not only in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games approaching, a number of city of our country registered general website, launched a new round of city brand marketing climax; in addition, general. The "direct model" has become a "precision tool in enterprise marketing".

common web site is a new technology of network name access. Access to the Internet in the past, you must enter a string of letters in English as the symbol of the address; with this technology, in the address bar directly enter the Chinese name to facilitate easy to remember, you can log on to the site. Therefore, the general web site has a network of trademarks, said. read more

in 1997, CNNIC was formally established in the management of CN domain name registration, CN domain name registration only 2000 to one; today, after ten years, CN domain name registration has reached 5 million 300 thousand. Then, the CN domain name ten years off the road from weak to strong, actually experienced what important turning point? What is the strength of the CN domain to take off the power? The value of CN domain name, the application of Internet users and the promotion of domain name management agencies are three main factors. read more

[Reuters] news billion state power in January 7th, Carrefour announced that it has completed the Rue Du Commerce on the French electricity supplier wholly-owned acquisitions.

in August last year, Carrefour announced the deal, approved by the European Commission in November. More recently, it has confirmed that the Rue Du Cogedim has been fully purchased from the hands of Altarea Commerce.


billion state power network learned Rue Du Commerce the main sales of electronic products and home appliances, one of France’s biggest retail electricity providers, there are nearly 5 million visitors per month. Carrefour is the second largest retailer in the world, with a total of 12000 stores in the world, with revenues of $100 billion 500 million in 2014, with a total of $35. read more

first, we say: do online transactions, do not sympathize with the weak

Guizhou information port in the support of PHPCMS open source program. Has gradually improved a set of integrated information portal. People are afraid of being famous, pigs are afraid of being strong. My site columns and the overall style is the result of playing lots of collecting and summarizing large portal sites and places need to be combined, may be the overall effect is good, has not been made, still being produced will have a lot of friends ask me what time the template is produced, what time to meet with you. When I finished, some people said that I would buy a template, and then do not want to sell the template directly, because it has not been completed. However, they are too warm, but also called you "big brother", " master " and then I sympathize with them, they agreed to sell them, however, they are liars, they cheat a lot of. read more

The financial crisis has been raging in the world for more than a year, since more than a year, many enterprises in the storm uncertainty may be the financial turmoil under market turmoil in the boat at any time, how to market economy for enterprises to obtain the way to become among the most small and medium-sized enterprises the main topic of concern.

down more than a year, some wise always pay attention to market small business owners have found a bolt, when the market economy is generally affected by the financial crisis, the injured is the smallest e-commerce module, and in some industries, but there is a gradual increase of the situation, which makes many enterprises feel at least, this is unbelievable, a little bit of information was collected on the accumulation of business owners, the heart, and some of the more daring enterprises have to use directly in the hands, the final cost pressure in the e-commerce module above the last chance of life for the enterprise. Today, the industry also generally believe that e-commerce has become the following games of these enterprises, after the video with a life-saving straw.

with this momentum continues, small and medium-sized enterprises to e-commerce as an important chip enterprise from it, and in fact, e-commerce can make good leaders of small and medium sized enterprises under the financial crisis, will leave for the small and medium-sized enterprise financial crisis whirlpool make great contribution.
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double 11 promotional activities approaching, the national development and Reform Commission, the price supervision and inspection and antitrust bureau on the 3 day to regulate the behavior of online retail prices, issued a reminder to the network retail business.

on regulating the behavior of online retail price reminder (summary)

online retail companies by

2015 "double 11" double 12 promotion approaches, to regulate the online retail market price order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, according to the "People’s Republic of China price", "price violations penalties", "on the goods and services to the provisions stated price", "Prohibition of price fraud" and other legal provisions regulations, the NDRC price supervision and Anti Monopoly Bureau as follows: remind read more

recently, I participated in a forum, the theme is B2B will usher in the second spring. The "Internet of things, payment flow, data management, user import and so on concept, perhaps this to the general commodity B2B. But the author is engaged in commodity e-commerce operations is another scene.

iron and steel, for example, the current major domestic steel electricity supplier platform is divided into second parties and most of the third party. Second party iron and steel electronic business platform is basically a large steel mills or traders to establish their own, in order to expand the breadth and depth of their own sales channels for the highest purpose of the system. And the real can be achieved by the actual online trading platform for the third party, such as steel steel electric network, etc., but less and less. read more